Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Today is a big day for the industry and The FAM: Our beloved Mark Quinn has joined the mattress behemoth Mattress Firm as their new Vice President of Merchandising. Also, now that markets are over, what is next? Check out the ramblings of Ray Allegrezza and get his takeaway on the most... Read More
​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. This week, I’m talking about what’s next on the horizon now that High Point Market is nearly over. Any guesses? I’ll give you one hint: Trucking. Plus, don’t miss FAM stories about Wayfair’s recent changes and how they relate to changes in the industry overall, how we... Read More
Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Would you consider financing sexy? Well, we do. This week on the Dos Marcos Podcast, Craig Leffew, VP of Sales for Koalafi, talks the biggest mistakes retailers make when it comes to financing and how they can make financing frictionless. Ticket to Dream is celebrating over 6,000 foster grads! Make... Read More
Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Does the word recession bring back nightmares of 2008? Dos Marcos talk about a looming recession and how retailers aren’t as in charge as they once were. High Point Market this week. What’s the future of markets and are they a thing of the past? Plus, Culp is bringing awareness to the connection between sleep... Read More
​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. This week, I’m talking about how furniture sales are being affected by gas prices, inflation and how Americans feel about the economy (hint: it’s not good). I dig into the numbers below. Also, don’t miss FAM stories about endless aisles in online shopping, the second part... Read More
Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! In the podcast world, the guys over at the Dos Marcos headed off to ISPA and recapped the event on this week’s show. The covered trends, technology, and vendors you can’t miss. BT is back! He spoke with author April Sabral, CEO of RetailU, about the Positive Effect. If you’ve been missing BT,... Read More
​ Hey FAM, it’s Ray Allegrezza. Welcome to the kickoff edition of The FAM’s weekly furniture newsletter, coming at you every Wednesday! For those who don’t know me, I’m Ray Allegrezza and I’ve been kicking around the furniture industry for decades. I was the editor in chief at Furniture Today for 20... Read More
Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! We’ve got a busy week… Imagine being able to create your own mattress in real-time. From selecting fabric to changing colors to customizing patterns. Does it seem too good to be true? It isn’t. This week, Dos Marcos sat down with Christina and Holly from Culp Inc. to... Read More
Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne! Happy Belated Valentines! The guys are back from Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime, and helping author Ron Thurston kick off his journey across America as he travels via airstream telling the stories of retail workers on the frontline. Do you know the one skill every associate needs to have? Hint: it’s not just the ability to sell. Also, warehouse clubs and department stores... Read More

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