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Why Did Trent Ranburger Fire Himself?

 Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Trent Ranburger fired himself! Don’t miss this week’s exclusive interview with Dos Marcos to find out what Trent is doing next.

Podcast alerts:

  • Mattman is preaching the importance of a bedtime routine.
  • The FAM Marketing show highlights six”sticky ideas”

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Dos Marcos Show

1🎙Thing: Transition Alert: Trent Ranburger Hires New CEO

Trent Ranburger is stepping down from his role as president and CEO of Trent Bedding. He plans to show himself (and the industry) that you can still be a part of your business without working in your business.

Plus, find out who is going to be the new CEO.

  • Go deeper. Watch this week’s show to find out why stepping aside can benefit your business.
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2. Mattress Research

56% of Consumers Bought from Furniture Stores and Sleep Shops

Furniture and mattress stores attracted nearly half of all recent mattress buyers, according to research conducted with Nationwide Marketing Group.

Here’s the full breakdown of mattress buying channels:

  • 25.1% — Online
  • 24% — Furniture Store
  • 21.5% — Sleep Shop
  • 14.5% — Big Box
  • 6.8% — Warehouse Clubs
  • 6.5% — Department Store
  • 1.6% — Shop TV

Why does it matter? Customers are coming to you, but are you getting the business? Be ready to wow shoppers with outstanding customer service and product knowledge so you can turn a consumer into a sale.

Go deeper: Get the full report for free when you become a FAM+ Member, brought to you by Nationwide Marketing Group.

FAM Marketing Show

3. Ice Baths and Kidney Transplants: Ideas That Stick

Urban legends stick with you for a reason. Why? Because they follow a simple marketing method for SUCCESS.

In today’s episode, Mark and Adrienne discuss six “sticky ideas” from the book, “Made to Stick” which covers why some ideas survive and others die. In a nutshell, all marketing ideas should try to incorporate at least one of the six SUCCESS points (and the truly genius marketing plans hit all six).

Learn From This Episode

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4. Adventures of Mattman: Bedtime Deep Dive

Everyone’s favorite mattress superhero, Mattman, takes a deep dive into bedtime and why it’s so important to our health. He also explains what his bedtime routine looks like and how he’s stuck to it.

Go deeper: You’re always selling the message of sleep, but do you have a consistent bedtime routine?

Take It From A Superhero


Ergomotion Launches Line To Ease Supply Chain Disruption.

The Rio is a line of wood deck adjustable bases designed to complement a wide range of feature combinations, customer segmentations, customizable brand applications and price points for all budget levels.

  • Produced in Ergomotion’s 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.
  • Offers customers near-shore product with short lead-times.

The company says the product:

  • Lessens the supply chain disruption
  • Offers inventory space relief and cash flow efficiency
  • Is more accessible and more cost-effective
  • Is courier-friendly (UPS-able), except for king size.


Ukrainian Furniture Manufacturers Coming to Vegas

Seven Ukrainian furniture manufacturers will show their products at the upcoming Las Vegas Market:

  • TIVOLI – International supplier of Beech, Oak and Ash chairs & tables since 1912 finished with eco-friendly materials. (
  • MEBUS – Impressively styled solid wood bedrooms and upholstered furniture, uniquely crafted (
  • GARANT – Modern upholstery and casegoods for bedrooms, living rooms, home office and kitchen. (
  • SOFRO – Beautiful line of bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture (
  • WOODSOFT – Innovative customized convertible sofas, mattresses and upholstered beds (
  • KINT – Contemporary styled chairs, tables, sofas, and shelving units (
  • CHORNEY FURNITURE – Unique and colorful bespoke solid wood furniture for every room (

Andrii Lytvyn, deputy director of the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office of Ukraine explained that, “Following the Russian invasion, furniture manufacturers have continued to produce high-quality furniture to supply the export market. However, domestic Ukrainian consumer demand has dropped due to other more urgent concerns having to do with the war effort.”

The Ukrainian furniture industry is substantial with more than 9,000 companies employing more than 100,000. Nearly 119 countries import furniture made in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian furniture industry grew 11.2%, an increase of $750 million in 2021.


Magniflex Bringing Igloo-Inspired Room To Las Vegas Market

Magniflex will unveil its updated MagniCool collection in an igloo-inspired, temperature-controlled room at the upcoming Las Vegas Market. The line, which addresses the issue of “sleeping hot,” features three modernized models with a new design.

Now available at retailers all over the country, the MagniCool collection includes three revamped models:

  • a 10-inch firm
  • 10-inch soft
  • 12-inch gel

The refreshed models include a layer of PCM. The 10-inch queen models retail at $2,199 and the 12-inch queen gel model retails at $2,399.

Each model features an ornate cover design with an iris, the symbol of the Florence, which is incorporated in the company’s logo and other products. The new design is also complemented by a solid blue base representing the signature blue color in the logo.


Serta Simmons Closes Three Factories

Serta Simmons Bedding has filed at least three WARN Act notices over the last three months announcing plans to close factories in Virginia, Iowa and Kansas.

The most recent filing for the company’s factory in Lenexa, Kan., where Beautyrest products are manufactured, will impact 70 employees when the factory closes later this month.

SSB also filed a notice with the state of Iowa April 20 announcing the closing of its Clear Lake, Iowa, facility that employed 86 people, and gave the state of Virginia notice on April 29 that it would close its factory in Fredericksburg, Va., which employed 128 people. Both factories were slated to close on June 30.

SSB previously announced plans to consolidate two factories in Beloit, Wis., and Janesville, Wis., into a new shared 500,000-square-foot facility to manufacture Serta and Beautyrest products.

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Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Christmas in July!

We’re halfway to Christmas and it’s time to deck the halls and get ready for the holiday rush!

To celebrate Christmas in July, offer exciting giveaways and promotions as you would during the holiday season. Make discounts equivalent to holiday pricing. Offer specials all month long (e.g., $200 recliners or another hard-to-move product) and then have one-day-only specials or limited quantity sales to drive urgency.

Don’t forget to decorate your space and promote a message from Santa on social media!

What’s next: Buy the book “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.” and get more foot traffic ideas!

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