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From Junked Beds to Joyful Brands: How Sharetown’s Co-Founder Jorja Leavitt Flipped Mattress Returns Upside Down

Turn your least favorite part of business into a bedtime story with ShareTown, where mattress returns are transformed into innovative triumphs!

Transforming what is typically a logistical nightmare, mattress returns, into an innovative and sustainable solution, this week we sit down with Co-Founder Jorja Leavitt, of ShareTown. This company is not just managing returns; it’s redefining the process by focusing on big, bulky items like bed-in-a-box mattresses, making the scenario a win-win for both businesses and consumers.

Originally starting as a community sharing platform, ShareTown transitioned into a reverse logistics leader after recognizing a crucial gap in the market. A casual conversation about the difficulties of mattress returns sparked an idea that would eventually lead to the reimagining of returned mattress logistics. ShareTown’s journey from a tech company to a logistics pioneer highlights their ability to pivot and innovate within the industry.

Thediscussion kicks off by exploring the origins of ShareTown. How did a technology platform morph into a logistics giant? The founders of ShareTown identified a significant issue: mattresses sold in boxes that couldn’t be returned to their original compact form. Addressing this bulky elephant in the room, they created a streamlined system to manage these returns effectively.

We also peel back the curtain on ShareTown’s operational strategies. The company employs a network of contractors who are tasked with the collection, cleaning, and refurbishment of returned mattresses. These items are then resold locally, demonstrating a robust model of sustainability and efficiency. This process not only supports local economies but also promotes a sustainable approach to consumer goods, reducing waste and extending the lifecycle of products.

Furthermore, we delve into the dual benefits of ShareTown’s business model. It’s not just about offering a logistical solution; it’s about fostering sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the consumer. ShareTown is helping brands maintain their reputational integrity by managing returns efficiently, while also providing consumers with affordable, sustainable options.

Revolutionizing Returns: ShareTown isn’t just moving mattresses; they’re moving the industry forward with a focus on big, bulky, and bed-in-a-box returns.

Pivot Perfect: From a community tech platform to a logistical leader, ShareTown exemplifies how to pivot with purpose, solving the squishy problem of mattress returns.

Sustainability Meets Strategy: With a network that cleans, refurbishes, and resells locally, ShareTown shows that what’s good for the planet can be great for business too.

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