SAVE THE DATES: Dream Camp April 30-May 3 & Sleep Summit Oct. 8-11, 2024

Sleep Summit

5 Reasons to Attend Sleep Summit

  1. Meet the Brightest Minds in Sleep: You'll connect with pioneering product leaders, ground-breaking researchers, enterprising entrepreneurs, and insightful thought leaders. You’ll be surrounded by individuals who are active, passionate, and innovative in the sleep and wellness space.

  2. Engage and Activate: Sleep Summit promises engaging breakout sessions, dynamic presentations, and innovative group activities, all designed to foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, and fun. You need to be there if you don't like sitting on the sidelines!

  3. Discover a Hidden Gem: Bentonville, Arkansas is home to hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails, the world’s largest business (Walmart), and a vibrant music and art scene.

  4. Transform Your Business: Sleep Summit is your opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, engage with fellow leaders, and create real change in your business.

  5. Access a Retail Revolution: your Sleep Summit pass gives you access to a guided journey designed for ambitious, forward-thinking mattress and furniture retailers.

Sleep Summit 2023 Album

Download pictures from the events, experiences, and moments that make this community amazing.

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