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Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference with the Foam Sommelier

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

The foam sommelier stepped up to the mic! Dos Marcos sat down with Scott Smalling to recap the Furniture Today Bedding Conference, discuss how Relief Bed is helping the Ukraine, and learn more out about his passion for foam and his role at Emma!

Are you helping your customers get a better night’s sleep? As a mattress store, it may be hard to peel back the personal layers with a customer that’s preventing them from achieving quality sleep, but if you do, it could pay. Check out how to start the conversation with your customer and the research you need to know.

What’s the secret “code” for health in America and how can create larger tickets? Listen to Mark Kinsley recap a story about his grandfather and find out why movement matters.

Would you try out your next mattress before buying it? Of course you would! Unfortunately, a majority of people would not. According to our exclusive research with Nationwide Marketing Group, 64% of people do not plan to try their next mattress in person during their next purchase.

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Dos Marcos Show

The Furniture Today Bedding Conference with the Foam Sommelier

What is a foam sommelier?

It’s a great question, and we are so glad you asked. During the Furniture Today Bedding Conference, Mark and Mark sat down with Scott Smalling, founder of Relief Bed International and more recently, chief commercial and innovation director for Emma, The Sleep Company. We chat about foam and his role is at Emma. We also get an update on Relief Bed since our last conversation in April 2021.

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64% don’t plan to try mattresses in person before buying

Research conducted in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group showed that nearly 2 out of 3 consumers are not likely to try their next mattress before they buy—and that’s true for 49% who bought their last mattress from a brick-and-mortar furniture store and 60% who purchased inside a sleep shop.

Here’s the breakdown:

If sleep shops and furniture stores aren’t educating consumers on the importance of testing a bed before buying it, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Remember to build value in why each person should get fitted for the right mattress. Explain pressure relief and support and how each person is unique. Tell them they spend more time on a mattress than any other object in their life, so they need to get one that fits their body.

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How Are You Helping Customers Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

Consider the sleep disruptors that detract from good quality REM sleep. Do you know what they are? If you don’t (or even if you do) take a look at the list we compiled and learn how to start the conversation with customers to ensure you get to the real causes of what is inhibiting them from a good night’s sleep.

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Mattress + Wellness

The Secret Code for ‘Health’ in America Should Matter to Mattress Retailer

There’s a word that captures what Americans really mean when they talk about health. By tapping into this word, you can unlock sales opportunities that tap into the deepest emotions.

And it all starts with a story about Kinsley’s 90-year old grandpa.

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Find out how to save loads of time and money with photorealistic 3D imagery. In partnership with Live Furnishjoin Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn at 10 a.m. June 15th, 2022 for live webishow on the art of 3D imagery and how to use this technology to catapult your business.

Entry is limited, so save your spot today!


News and Headlines

The International Sleep Products Association announces several new additions to its Board, including Hank Little, president of Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc., as the new chair of the ISPA Board of Trustees. and Laurie Tokarz, president of Restonic Mattress Corp., as the new vice chair.

Nationwide Marketing Group has its sights set on creating a memorable and engaging experience at its August PrimeTime show — one that will put the outdoor category in the center spotlight. While momentum around outdoor products has yet to ease up as consumers continue to invest beyond the four walls of their homes, Nationwide is preparing an outdoor showcase that brings the experience together for PrimeTime attendees.

What’s the FAM Into?

Rachael is reading….

A dark and strange novel, “Cari Mora,” by Thomas Harris, author of “Silence of the Lambs,” “Red Dragon,” and “Hannibal.” This may seem like an odd choice, but I am also a huge fan of Stephen King novels! Yes, I read business and self-improvement books, however, when I am reading for pleasure, I like books that take me to totally different places, ones that I could never dream of.

Kinsley is watching…

“I started watching “We Crashed” on Apple TV. It’s about the company We Work, led by Adam Neumann, which grew to $47 billion and then tanked. It’s actually an inspiring story (so far) and Jared Leto’s performance is phenomenal.”

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Fun & Folly

🚗 The first person pulled over for speeding….was going just 8 miles an hour.

💤 The Word “Dreamt” is the only word in the english language that ends in “mt.”

🪙 How many ridges does a dime have on its edge? 118!

🎂 Happy Birthday to one of the greatest song writers of all time, Bob Dylan!

Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Host a Memorial Day Sale

It may seem cheesy, cliche and overdone, but don’t miss out on the sales to be had by hosting an in-store promotion for Memorial Day. If you haven’t checked out our article about industry insider’s and their take on why you should host a Memorial Day sale, it’s not too late.

Offer in-store promotions that are greater than those you offer online. Take your online presence up a notch and do a scavenger hunt! Post pictures with flags on certain pieces of merchandise and tell your audience the first five shoppers to find the flags will be win a gift card (redeemable in-store only). It’s a great way to get shoppers to browse your selection online and ensure they come in store for even greater discounts!

On the hunt for more foot-traffic-driving ideas?

Pick up a copy of Kinsley and Quinn’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.”

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