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When Real Life and Retail Collide

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Dos Marcos Show. Someone Trent Ranburger loves dearly went through a harrowing battle with cancer. It’s tough being a small business owner—and it’s even tougher when life throws you curve balls. Find out how Trent faced a difficult life adjustment and how you can navigate unpleasant surprises and still run a successful business.

Must-Read Marketing Advice. Are you digitally savvy? Join our newest member of The FAM, Julie Rosien, as she outlines the digital trends taking shape in 2022 and beyond.

Makes You Think. Also, how much is your logo costing you? It’s a serious question, and you should consider the role your logo plays in your overall ROI. 

Research Data. Your website matters….a lot. If that’s a surprise to you, keep reading. According to our exclusive research with Nationwide Marketing Group, most people consider the most important factor in their mattress purchase to be the retailer’s website. Not the touch and feel, not reviews and not even recommendations from friends; YIKES!

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Dos Marcos Show

When Real Life and Retail Collide

You might know Trent for his crazy commercials and social media savvy, but behind the scenes he’s been the support system for a his girlfriend’s battle against cancer.

Listen to this heart-wrenching story and find out what to do when real life interrupts business.


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Your Website Matters…A lot.

We partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group to ask 2,000 mattress buyers this question:

Please rank the following by the level of influence these factors had on your purchasing decision for your most recent mattress purchase?

● Touching and Feeling

● Online Reviews

● Visit Local Retailer

● Mattress Brand’s Website

● Recommendation from Friends & Family

● Retailer’s Website

And the winner was…

That’s right, a retailer’s website had the most influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions — more so than a mattress brands website, online reviews, and visiting a retailer in person.

What should you do next? Invest in your website. Understand how people are using your site and what they want from it. Be sure that your website reflects the in-store experience as much as possible.

Do you offer financing? How about delivery? Make sure shoppers get answers to their questions. Also, make sure they can complete the purchase on your site. When people are ready to buy, they don’t always make a trip back to your store.

Hungry for more useful data? Get the full report for free when you become a FAM+ Member, brought to you by Nationwide Marketing Group!

Digital Marketing Chops

2022’s Shifting Digital Trends – a Retail Marketing Primer 

Do you remember Web 1.0? Probably not. But those that do most likely thought it was a fad.

But Web 1.0 gave way to Web 2.0, and now here we are with Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and smart computers in our pockets and there’s still more to come. Have you bought in yet? If not, read up on how to can get up-to-date on the future of digital.

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Find out how to save loads of time and money with photorealistic 3D imagery. In partnership with Live Furnishjoin Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn at 10 a.m. June 15th, 2022 for live webishow on the art of 3D imagery and how to use this technology to catapult your business.

Entry is limited, so save your spot today!



How Much is Your Logo Costing You?

Have you ever thought about the role your logo plays in your overall ROI? What about how it reflects the perceived value from customers? A good logo may be more important than you think.

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Fun & Folly

🍔 Toddler knows how to DoorDash! Check out how this 2 year old ordered 31 cheeseburgers and left a $16 tip!

👰🏻‍♀️ Black wedding dresses? Check out how the biggest trend in weddings is taking the signature white color and going dark!

🇬🇧 On this day in 1859Big Ben rang over parliament for the first time!

🏈 Do you know who played the first football game ever? The first ever football game was played on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton (spoiler alter: Rutgers won).

Foot Traffic Drivers

Need helping getting more people to your store?

Host a Happy Hour + Headshots Event

In response to the #greatresignation host a happy hour and headshot event!

Partner with a local restaurant to provide appetizers. Invite headhunters and businesses and use your space as a job fair. Have a photographer taking headshots using some of your pieces in the background and offer the opportunity for people to mingle and network. It’s a great opportunity to get people into your store, even if they aren’t (necessarily) looking to buy new furniture, and it helps everyone build connections!

On the hunt for more foot-traffic-driving ideas?

Pick up a copy of Kinsley and Quinn’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Come Back to Bed: Attract More Foot Traffic and Make People Fall in Love with Your Store.”

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