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Retailers Aren’t In Charge (So, Who Is)?

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Does the word recession bring back nightmares of 2008? Dos Marcos talk about a looming recession and how retailers aren’t as in charge as they once were.

High Point Market this week. What’s the future of markets and are they a thing of the past?

Plus, Culp is bringing awareness to the connection between sleep and mental health.

The majority of shoppers don’t plan to test out their next mattress before they buy? YIKES! Check out our exclusive research and find out what you can do.

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Dos Marcos Show

Retailers Aren’t the Boss Anymore and a Recession is Looming

The pandemic is moving into an endemic state, so what does this mean for retail? Also, how important is your brand when it comes to negotiating power with manufacturers?

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64% Don’t Plan to Test Rest Next Purchase

Retailers need to focus on fitting people for the right mattress.

The FAM partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group to survey 2,000 mattress buyers and discovered that 64% said they would likely purchase their next mattress without trying it in person.

Ready for a shocker? More than half of people who bought a mattress from a furniture store or sleep shop said next time they buy a bed they don’t feel the need to try it first.

Side Note: Of those who purchased online this last time, 96% do not plan to try before buying the next time they purchase.

There’s still hope for those willing to work. If you sell mattresses, you know that sometimes it’s difficult to get people to actually lie down. If somebody wants to buy and bolt, sell ‘em a bed! But remember to build value in getting fitted for the right mattress. Explain pressure relief and support and how each person is unique. Build value in everything you do and why it matters.

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4 Strategic Lines of Questioning for High-Performance Mattress Salespeople

Good salespeople are always prepared to answer customer questions, but the most successful RSAs are the ones who ask great questions.

Of course, it’s all about asking the right questions, which was the topic of a mattress industry Facebook thread started by Steve Houk. The answers we found were so great we wanted to share them and take a closer look at why they’re such good questions to ask.

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Furniture Industry Weighs In On the Value and Future of Markets

Is it Covid that has changed the way the industry looks at trade shows—or was that already happening before the pandemic hit?

The FAM talked to a few industry members about their thoughts on the future of markets.

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News and Headlines

SSB Announces new executive leaders. John Linker will join as the company’s next Chief Financial Officer and Shoukat Ali Bhamani has become the new Chief Technology Officer.

Nationwide, along with Next Level Distribution and Tempur-Sealy International (TSI), joined forces in the days leading up to PrimeTime in Phoenix to help raise awareness and funding for Autism Speaks, an organization that provides research, advocacy efforts, services and supports to individuals with autism.

Because of its role in the bedding industry, Culp Inc. will look at the connection between a person’s sleep and overall health. The company is introducing its first Culp Sleep Week, during which it is focusing on stress management and ways it employees can improve sleep.

City of Hope, the furniture industry’s philanthropic partner, shares successful efforts that have been supported by the annual West Coast Golf & Tennis Tournament.

What’s the FAM Into?

Adrienne is shopping for…

A new kitchen table. What a time to be in the market, right? I’m looking for a solid wood table that looks like it’s straight out of 1726, but I want it round and able to seat at least six. Do have this in your store, and are willing to ship to NW Arkansas? Hit me up!

Kinsley is reading…

Every night before bed I read fiction. Right now I’m reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. If you want to experience masterful writing that paints a picture in your mind, grab this book or Still Life With Woodpecker, also by Robbins. Here’s a taste:“It is to erase the fixed smiles of sleeping couples that Satan trained roosters to crow at five in the morning.”The Middle Ages hangs over history’s belt like a beer belly. It is too late now for aerobic dancing or cottage cheese lunches to reduce the Middle Ages. History will have to wear size 48 shorts forever.


Live Furnish

Fake photo alert!

This appears to be a super-stylish modern living room—and it is—but it’s entirely photorealistic imagery. And it’s cheaper to produce than traditional photography [rejoice 🙌 ].

Who is responsible?

Live Furnish

Whether you want a cabin in the woods or a penthouse in New York, you’ll get high-quality images that look like real photography.

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Fun & Folly

 Did you know avocados are a fruit and not a vegetable?

🗺 On this day in History, the U.S. officially withdrew from Vietnam.

❄️ Jack Frost, is that you? The stage right before frostbite occurs is actually called frostnip.

Foot Traffic Drivers

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Here’s an idea…

Pictures with the Easter Bunny!

It’s that time of year—partner with a local photographer and a local barnyard for a picture set up with the Easter Bunny! Offer pictures with real bunnies or with a larger than life friend dressed up in a costume.

To take it up a notch, offer parents the opportunity to hunt for eggs filled with discounts or free items!

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