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7 Amazing Sleep-related Innovations from CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off the new year with amazing technological introductions, from Cadillac’s InnerSpace autonomous car, to Astell&Kern’s first “carryable” headphone amplifier.

But notably, there were quite a few innovations in the sleep and bedding category. Here are a few of The FAM’s favorites:

  1. A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that 45 percent of adults snore infrequently, while 25 percent snore regularly—which could be a sign of underlying health conditions like sleep apnea. That’s where 10Minds’ Motion Pillow comes in. The pillow is attached to a “Solution Box” that helps analyze the sleep patterns of the user. These patterns can then be reviewed, managed, and evaluated through the app.
  1. Sleepme introduced two new products for regulating nighttime body temperature: The Dock Pro and Insight Sleep Tracker. The two are designed to work together, as the Dock Pro is a mattress cooling pad that uses machine learning to work in conjunction with the sleep tracker to control body temperature. The topper contains water-filled channels that can be cooled or warmed via an under-bed control unit. The tracker fits underneath a mattress and monitors heart and breathing rates, and then uses this info to determine what a person’s sleep cycle looks like. 
  1. Ergomotion launched its Non-contact Health Sensors  at CES, which monitor subtle body movements while users sleep. Non-invasive sensors capture users’ core sleep issues such as heart rate, respiratory patterns and more. In addition, the company also released it’s Dawn House Bedding line for seniors, as well as its Garmin-connected Ergosportive adjustable base.
  1. On trend with sleep and health monitoring technology, Sengeled released sleep monitoring…light bulbs? Still in its early development stages, the A19 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-mesh smart bulb can monitor sleep habits and track biometrics like heart rate and body temperature. When used in a group of two or more, the smart bulbs can even create a “virtual map of the room that can sense when an occupant has fallen and needs help,” according to the company. 
  2. Coway’s Smart Air Care Mattress, which officially launched at CES 2022, has the ability to self-adjusts through nine firmness levels to better suit the pressure of the body lying on it. Rather than using springs, the bed features Air Cells contained within the mattress’ air pockets that control their own air pressure and automatically adjust the firmness of the bed to suit the sleeper.
  3. Sleep Number unveiled the latest upgrades to its 360 Smart Bed, which has the ability to detect potential sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea. By using a range of integrated sensors, the bed monitors a user’s general wellness and sleep health and generates real-time suggestions to help them sleep better. Over time, the company said the smart bed’s AI will be able to detect ‘abnormal events.
  4. Sleep Number also held a panel on the future of connected sleep health and discussed the growing role of technology on health, research and preventative care. Consumers today have access to an abundance of digital tools and data to inform them of their health in real time and the panelists talk about sleep science and how tech companies are developing tools to help with better sleep.

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