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Ergomotion Launches Dawn House with Beds Focused on Senior Market

Recognizing the need for a well-designed, health-tracking mattress for seniors, Ergomotion has created Dawn House Living—a new bed aimed specifically at seniors that has sensors to detect irregularities.

The idea started after a close friend of someone who works at Ergomotion passed away in her sleep. They felt that if she was being monitored, something could have been done to help save her life.  

Gui Peres, president of Dawn House, also says seniors go from the regular box spring mattress to an adjustable bed to a homecare bed, and there is nothing in between.

“And it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them,” Peres adds. “They dreaded moving into that bed, and they really wanted to stay as long as they could in the regular bed, which isn’t necessarily good for them.”

Senior’s needs change as they age, and getting in and out of bed gets a little bit more complicated. Getting out of bed at night to go to the restroom—which is something common with seniors—is also complicated, and it may lead to a fall. “And you really don’t want a senior citizen to fall because that starts the chain reaction of health issues with them,” Peres added.

After thorough research, Erogmotion partnered with local assisted living facilities in Santa Barbara and developed the Dawn House bed, which tracks sleep quality and vitals at night, and even takes it a step further by giving users and their families access to the sleep information in real-time. 

“If you buy one for your mom or your dad, and if they’re okay with it, then you can download the companion app and know in real-time if are they sleeping, how is their heart rate is at night, how is their sleep quality, and if they are waking up too much at night,” Peres explains. “It gives the user and their family some peace of mind that they will have that information even if no one is there with them.”

The whole bed was designed with the senior needs in mind, so there’s a high-low technology where the bed will completely lower, or lift, according to the need of the person using it as well as lights that are activated through a sensor and automatically come on to illuminate the floor. 

“It’s beautifully designed because we really wanted any person including a younger person to think this is a beautiful product and this is something they would want in their bedroom, not a bed that screams ‘I’m sick!’” Peres says. “It’s a bed that screams that your needs have changed. We want to offer the user peace of mind and the quality of sleep that they need for their wellness, for their well-being so that they can wake up in the morning with vitality. That’s our goal. That’s our vision.”

Dawn House will be available to the end consumer by Christmas 2021, and Peres says there’s about a four-week lead time. 

Peres also adds that this is just the beginning of the new wellness division Ergomotion has embarked on. He says there’s much more to come, and that the divisions “will lead to the future of bedding.”

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