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Why Are Storage Beds Gaining Popularity?

It’s been argued that some of the best products on the market are multi-purpose — able to be used in different ways or for different things.

And Bedline’s storage beds are a strong case for that.

Beds with storage are popular in Europe, and companies like Bedline have had great success with their models—enough to bring its entire product line to the U.S. Market in 2021.

Scott Frisch, head of Bedline sales in the U.S., says the storage beds have become increasingly popular in U.S. cities due to the limited amount of space in many apartments. 

With a Bedline queen offering 30 cubic feet and a king offering 40 cubic feet, the space under one’s mattress can now become a useful area to place most anything,” he says. “And the bases can be manual or opened with a remote control. We will begin final manufacturing with a U.S. partner this summer as well as offer warehouse availability for the U.S. market. Direct containers from Spain will also give us the flexibility to serve the customer base in the best way.”

While beds with storage have been created before, they involved drawers, so to have the actual storage unit under your bed that gives you all that space is something that has not been in the marketplace to any real degree, according to Frisch.

As for the future of storage beds, he thinks it’s going to be huge. 

“We’re a country of excess,” he says. “If I drive to the interstate, which is like six minutes from where I am, I will pass almost 10 storage companies. But for retailers that have been selling mattresses like crazy for the last year and a half are sitting there going, ‘what can I sell?’ So to have a complementary product like storage beds that actually can be used and useful, it’s also going to be a benefit.

Ergomotion also recently made an announcement that it’s taking the storage bed one step further.

The ErgoBox is an adjustable base that combines the need for a good night’s rest with a space for storage under the bed. The front of the bed opens up to reveal a storage space as large as the entire base.

And Ergomotion didn’t skimp on any of the features it’s known for. There’s head and foot articulation, a one-touch preset flat position, as well as the company’s Zero Standy Power System, Power Outage Protection, Silent Drive Motors, and Gravity Release. 

At first, it may not seem like under-bed storage is particularly original or unique — but another thing about great products is that they usually aren’t completely new. The best products not only solve a problem or fill a need, but they also take inspiration from products that have already been created. 

The popularity of storage beds teaches us that even though we need to create new things, we don’t have to recreate the wheel. Find something people need and don’t have — like storage under an adjustable base — and make it a reality. 

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