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Bryte Launches AI-Powered Sleep Concierge for Personalized Comfort and Coaching

Pittsburgh-based smart mattress company Bryte announced this week the launch of its new Sleep Concierge, enabled by OpenAI’s GPT-4 artificial intelligence.

Bryte says Sleep Concierge is like having a mattress expert, sleep scientist, and life coach – always available at the tap of a button to provide users with tailored comfort adjustments and personalized sleep recommendations.

“With all the generative AI hype these days, we’ve observed a ton of recent technological solutions seemingly in search of a problem,” said Rex Harris, CPO of Bryte.

“For us at Bryte, however, we’re launching Sleep Concierge based on direct customer feedback to go even further with our mattress’s adjustable comfort and sleep tracking capabilities. Thanks to the incredible pace of innovation coming from OpenAI, we are thrilled to roll out these new features to Bryte customers, completely free of charge.”

The AI assistant analyzes customer sleep data and patterns to offer real-time mattress comfort modifications and science-based sleep coaching. According to Bryte, Sleep Concierge can alter the mattress’ firmness and support throughout the night to adapt to a user’s needs.

It can also answer questions about sleep quality, exercise, stress, and more to provide tips and encouragement.

Sleep Concierge is powered by Bryte’s Restorative AI technology and OpenAI’s natural language processing. The feature is free for all Bryte Balance mattress customers as part of the company’s lifetime membership with free upgrades.

Bryte states that Sleep Concierge will continue to evolve to offer more personalized experiences. The company aims to use AI to redefine the overall sleep experience.

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