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10-year PureCare Veteran Promoted to Lead Product Development

There are tons of benefits that come from promoting from within your company, especially if that promotion goes to a 10-year veteran of the company who’s previously served as the VP of marketing.

That’s one reason PureCare has promoted Sarah Bergman to vice president of marketing and product development.

Bergman’s expertise in marketing and in-depth knowledge of all product lines give her valuable insights to identify product gaps and opportunities with a keen eye to product, color, and consumer trends that align with PureCare’s brand story.

Adding product development responsibilities to her previous role, her new role will continue to be to establish and grow relationships with manufacturers and work closely with retailers to build custom product collections by leveraging PureCare’s domestic and international manufacturing capabilities and partnerships.

“Sarah has been an integral member of the PureCare team and filled many roles over the years,” says PureCare President Jeff Bergman, who continues to lead PureCare product development as he has since 2010. “Early on she influenced style decisions about product, and that’s evolved to a much bigger role in development in the past two years. She’s demonstrated that she can blend the two roles in ways that strengthen both the finished product and its marketing.” 

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