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What to Know About Nationwide’s “Redefined Furniture-Centric Shopping Experience” 

At Nationwide Market Group’s PrimeTime event in Nashville this week, the groups introduced a new project information management system that aims to improve the quality of vendor data to help retailers deliver a consistent website experience.

Dubbed the “redefined furniture-centric shopping experience,” about 30 member brands are on board so far, and Nationwide has collected information such as pricing data, related items, product options, and the ability to create different configurations.

The ultimate goal of the new system is to free retailers up so they can focus on other areas of their business that need more attention and where they can make the most difference.

Jennifer Danko, senior vice president of omnichannel technology, explained that the system provides a benefit to vendors as well because it delivers a superior customer experience and a better representation of the brand. 

She said they’re making sure the data pulled is represented in a way that “best suits them in the way it gets to the end consumer.

Retailer Web Services, a Nationwide company, is handling the data compilation and can build and manage websites for Nationwide members. They estimate that a site for a new RWS subscriber can be up and running in about 30 days, and it will be automatically updated with new features as they become available.

As manufacturer data updates, RWS will see those changes in real-time, and all sites are equipped with Google Analytics so retailers can track performance and adjust as needed.

In addition to allowing consumers to build wish lists, the platform also lets them view color options, select additional items and navigate more easily. Future enhancements, including the use of AR and VR, are in the works.

Danko explained the top three drivers/questions from consumers are price, availability, and delivery, and that this new platform aims to help retailers answer those questions with efficiency. 

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