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We’re Living In The Year 2030

What if you went to bed one night in 2021 and the next morning you had awoken in the year 2031?

What would be different? How far would technology, society, and general civilization have advanced?

In 2020, we saw a glimpse of that kind of advancement for retail. In March 2020 we went to bed as an industry where 16% of transactions occurred in e-commerce. In May 2020, that percentage had risen to over 27%. Since 2009, retail e-commerce has risen 1% per year and in 2 months, we saw a decade of growth. What was generally accepted business practices in March were antiquated, outdated and overall useless by June. E-commerce catapulted a decade into the future and we’re still playing catch-up. How has your business faired? In this episode we deep dive into how to stay relevant and how to gut check whether you’re falling behind.

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