SAVE THE DATES: Dream Camp April 30-May 3 & Sleep Summit Oct. 8-11, 2024

200th Show and Launches as New Home for Dos Marcos and More

It’s here. The much anticipated 200th episode of the Dos Marcos show. True to our character, we hold nothing back and even invited a few special guests from outside the industry, but who are personal fans of the show.

Listen in as we toast DOS tequila shots to the journey thus far of the Dos Marcos podcast and go into detail about our new home:–for all things mattress– is the first ever, all audio platform that delivers news, relevant articles about the furniture and mattress industry, has an entire section reserved for sleep education, and is the host home of four different podcasts. Unique to the FAM is each article, news story, and sleep education piece will be an audio version of the article read aloud for you to listen to wherever you get your podcasts. 

We’re excited and hope you join us as a part of the FAM.

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