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Study Shows Dreams Spill Over Into Workplace And Can Be Channeled For Productivity

New research from the University of Notre Dame explores the connection between recalling dreams and work behavior. 

About 40 percent of the working population recalls their dreams each morning. The study suggests that when people connect their dreams to their waking lives, it can impact how they think, feel, and act at work. 

This connection between dreams and reality generates a sense of awe, a profound emotion that helps individuals view their experiences in a broader context. Awe, similar to epiphanies, makes work stressors seem less daunting, enhancing resilience and productivity.

The research involved approximately 5,000 morning-of reports of dream recall from full-time employees, showing that these connections persisted even after accounting for sleep quality. 

Dreams, which occur in all sleep stages, are most impactful during REM sleep. To improve the chances of having meaningful dreams, getting sufficient, high-quality sleep and keeping a dream journal is recommended. 

Promoting awe experiences at work, such as through exposure to nature, art, music, and senior leaders, can boost productivity for both managers and employees. Understanding and harnessing the benefits of awe can be invaluable for organizations.

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