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Magniflex Releases Dual-Sided Mattress

Billy Curtright, National Sales Manager of Magnaflex.

New this market would be the Virtuoso Elegante, a 13 inch, on the high end luxury side for our brand itself.

It actually contains our own performance foam, support foam and memory foam as well. What’s neat about it, it actually has a winter side in a summerside. And the top side actually has things you would have, you might wear on your body in the wintertime, such as Marino, wool and cashmere. That’s all blended together to give you a warmer night’s sleep.

Flip the whole mattress over and then think of things you might wear in the summertime to be cool, such as silk and lenin. That’s blend it together in the top as well.

And one really neat feature about the Virtuoso Elegante, it’s actually designed for couples with different sleep comfort preferences.

There’s actually a softer side and a firmer side.

 Why does the virtuoso elegante matter? I would say two things.

One is today we’re making such a big deal about our bedrooms, making them a sanctuary. So luxury bedding is obviously on the rise. We’re following that trend as well with our luxury products, whether it be natural elements, softer, larger, more technology. But also part two would be the fact that nine outta 10 couples do not agree on the same comfort preference. So our dual core we can call it a relationship saver. They can have the best of both worlds in one mattress.

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