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Englander Expands Supreme Collection, Enhances Marketing Assets

Englander will introduce three new latex hybrid models in its Supreme collection at the upcoming Las Vegas Market and show how its suite of marketing assets can strengthen the selling story for retailers.

Previewed last summer in Las Vegas, the Supreme collection expands with three new roll-packable latex hybrids to round out the full 19-model line, Englander’s largest national launch to date. 

Each of the new models features a cooling cover, natural copper-infused latex, fabric-wrapped coil support system, edge-to-edge coil perimeter system and elegant styling and detail.

The three new models have a retail price range of $1,899-$2,999. The step-ups offer from one to three inches of 100% natural Talalay copper latex for elevated pressure relief and contouring comfort infused with the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of copper; cool touch to phase change covers for heat absorption and cooler sleep that lasts longer; and higher coil count for greater support and durability.

Along with the popular latex hybrid models, Englander will unveil enhancements to its already powerful Englander Asset Manager, a retail partner portal featuring customizable marketing materials—from lifestyle images and social media to product sheets and signage. 

New to the suite this season:

●      Informative videos for every Englander product

●      QR codes on product cards for retailers and consumers

●      Easy to understand information on product cards that give meaning and context to the features and benefits

“If you haven’t seen Englander’s robust bank of marketing assets, you’re in for a surprise. We know there’s more to success at retail than offering great products like those in the Supreme collection. That’s why we’ve developed an easy-to-access website that’s packed with videos, 3D imagery, QR codes, product information, and more to help retailers increase sales by keeping it simple and easy to understand,” says Mark Kinsley, president/CEO.

Englander will display the Supreme collection in its Las Vegas Market showroom C-1596 beginning January 23, 2022

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