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The Surprising Science Behind Sleep Divorce and Its Effect on Your Health and Happiness

What is a “sleep divorce” – and can it help you feel more rested?

Many people face difficulty sleeping due to their partner’s sleep habits or schedules. The concept of sleep divorce, or sleeping separately from one’s partner, has gained attention in recent years as a potential solution to these issues. 

While sleeping separately may seem like a drastic measure, research suggests that it may be beneficial for some couples. For example, if one partner has a sleep disorder, it can negatively affect the other’s sleep. Additionally, if partners have different sleep preferences or schedules, it can also lead to disruptions in their sleep.

However, it is worth noting that sleeping together also has benefits, such as improving intimacy and providing emotional comfort. Additionally, sleeping with a partner can help in detecting any potential sleep disorders. Ultimately, the decision to sleep separately or together should be based on the individual couple’s needs and preferences. 

It is always a good idea to consult with a sleep specialist or medical professional for advice on how to improve sleep quality.

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