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The Clean Sleeping Trend

Clean sleeping, popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow in her book “Goop Clean Beauty,” emphasizes conscious lifestyle choices to improve sleep quality.

While Paltrow’s endorsement may raise eyebrows due to some unconventional wellness products she promotes, her clean sleeping principles align with well-established sleep hygiene recommendations. 

Key components of clean sleeping include getting at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep, adopting calming bedtime rituals like meditation or yoga nidra, maintaining a 12-hour fasting window to avoid late-night snacking, incorporating tension-relieving massages, and creating a technology-free bedroom environment.

These practices align with expert advice on the importance of sleep hygiene. Sleep specialists emphasize the benefits of seven or more hours of sleep, as sleep supports vital functions such as cognitive development, memory consolidation, muscle repair, hormone regulation, and immune system maintenance. 

Additionally, dietary choices can influence sleep quality, with experts suggesting steady blood sugar levels achieved through regular, smaller meals and avoiding heavy or hard-to-digest foods close to bedtime.

Overall, clean sleeping encourages mindfulness regarding sleep habits, emphasizing the significance of quality sleep as a foundational element of overall well-being.

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