SAVE THE DATES: Dream Camp April 30-May 3 & Sleep Summit Oct. 8-11, 2024

Spring Air Premiers Four Seasons Brand

Nick Bates, President at Spring Air.

What’s new for us is our Four Seasons brand. We’re bringing it back into the marketplace and reinventing it in a brand new way for 2023.

What you’re gonna have here is wool inside of the fabric gonna keep you nice and warm. Once you flip that over, you’re gonna have our P C M treated cover, which can cool you off. This is solving two sleep problems. For a 365 climate solution, not only will you have the cooling side, but in those winter months, and I’m from Boston, when it gets 10 degrees outside, I can flip my mattress over and have a beautiful temperature, neutral, warm fabric to sleep on.

Why does this matter? Well, in our retail space, I have it in our spring air showroom. We have a lot of solutions for cold, cold, cold, cold. We have no solutions for the warm side. And like we just said, there’s different seasons and every part of the country we’re solving for that.

The next piece is we can actually reach your customers every six months when we’re asking them to flip this, to have that constant contact with them to retell them, “Hey, how great is your mattress? Leave us a review, and by the way, here’s all the other products we’re offering. “

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