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Spring Air Mattress Co. Launches 1st Smooth Top Hybrid

My name is Nick Bates, President at Spring Air Mattress Company.

Our grand hybrid is brand spanking new, and I’m super excited to see the dealer response and of course that of their customers. The biggest piece that made it brand new for us was a new feel, a new price point, and of course, for us anyway, we didn’t have any smooth top hybrids, so we expanded the assortment that we had originally to include these smooth top hybrids.

We’re gonna be bringing it from three beds to eight beds, from encased coil to all foam introductory name, bronze, stepping up to silver, gold, and then finally the Platinum Series.

 There’s a few different reasons why this is important. Number one: at Spring Air, we have product development committees, and within Spring Air, it’s a huge factor in what we do every single day in the products we make.

So a special shout out first to my team in Texas, Brent, Blake, Rosie, and Drew. They help bring this thing to life, but the real magic is those entrepreneurs that we have as licensees inside of Spring Air. The second piece, it’s a Smoothtop hybrid that we were missing and our customers were asking us for. So we brought it to market and the response has been amazing.

I’m super excited about the Grand Hybrid because it’ll bring Spring Air into the all foam mattress world, which we don’t have a bed, besides Nature’s Rest, which is an all latex product, different price point. This is gonna give us something in the bread and butter price points that can help our dealers hit a 60 plus margin staying underneath $1599.

And it can be roll packed, so different world, it’ll help us get the product to the customer faster, less room for the dcs, for our retailers. And of course, we love to meet new retailers and get these beds into their showrooms.

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