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Quilted Ensemble with Enhanced Bamboo Returns to DreamFit Line-Up

Hi my name is Rachel Gomez.

I am the VP of Dreamfit and we are so excited to finally announce bringing back our quilted ensemble. Our quilted ensemble has been built with our enhanced bamboo, which is our number one seller. And what’s so exciting about this is the quilted ensemble is lighter than a quilt, but heavier than a top sheet.

This is our enhanced bamboo. We have a beautiful decorative stitch here that is really gonna just stand the classic of time where it’s gonna look really good in your bedroom over, the next 10 years. And what is wonderful is that on the end, in our second version, we have sewn seams into the back, which really helps the integrity of the sheet set when you are washing or drying it, and it’s not going to umbrella up.

This is a ensemble where you can make your bed in five seconds. You’re just gonna put it over. Our shams and pillowcases. We have this beautiful flip where you make your bed, you have the beautiful texture, and then when you’re ready to sleep, you’re just gonna flip that over.

This is carried in all of our five classic colors, white, ivory, sage, blue, and gray, as well as all of our split heads and split flex. We encourage you, contact us. We would love to have it in your stores. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or email us at

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