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Chealen Martin

New Era At Englander: Welcoming CEO Chealen Martin at the Helm

It’s an inauguration that no one wants to sleep through as Mark Kinsley passes the CEO baton to Chealen Martin. 

In this episode, we’re not just fluffing pillows; we’re laying down insights with Chealen Martin, the newly minted president and CEO of Englander, who’s ready to give us a peek under the covers of the mattress industry. From navigating the coils of corporate leadership to the plush comfort of customer-centric innovation, Chealen unfolds his journey through the mattress world and dreams up the future of Englander.

With a blueprint for success that’s as carefully crafted as their mattresses, Martin highlights the critical role of customer feedback in shaping a brand that people can’t wait to sleep on. But it’s not all springs and foam; Martin also dives into the competitive dynamics of the mattress market, revealing how Englander stands out in a crowded room thanks to robust partnerships with Sutherland, Corsicana, and BIA. These collaborations are the bedrock of Englander’s strategy for innovation and growth, ensuring they’re always a step ahead in the quest for the perfect night’s sleep.

  1. Customer is King (Size): Emphasizing the power of customer feedback and innovation driven by real user experiences, Martin shares how this approach is shaping the future of Englander.
  2. Adapting to Sleep Patterns: As the mattress industry evolves, so must the companies within it. Englander is poised to meet these changes head-on, ensuring that comfort, support, and temperature regulation remain at the forefront of their innovation.
  3. The Support System: Highlighting the strength of Englander’s partnerships, Martin sheds light on how collaborations with Sutherland, Corsicana, and BIA lay a strong foundation for operational excellence, product development, and manufacturing prowess.

And because life isn’t just about what happens between the sheets, Martin opens up about his personal passions, from the family values that anchor him, the smoky allure of barbecue that feeds his soul, to the high-flying excitement of cheerleading that keeps him on his toes. Tune in to find out how all these elements combine to keep Martin, and Englander, bouncing back no matter what the night brings.

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