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Malouf Home Gives Advice on New Technologies and Methods for Marketing

Hi, my name is Mike Smith. I’m here with Malouf Home.

We’ve had a lot of dealers coming that are struggling with getting their customers back through the doors, especially post COVID. During COVID like you had mentioned, they’re used to being clerks.

They’re order takers. People are coming in ready to spend their money looking for the inventory. We’re definitely not in that mold anymore. People are trying to get their customers back through the doors.

We’re definitely getting back in the, at least we’ve seen, we’re getting back in the rhythm of, all those advertising dollars being spent around the holidays. Customers are getting back to those promotional offers. They’re more ready to come back into the store when you’re offering something competitive, something to get them out back into the store.

You don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s worth exploring technologies that you may have not used in the past. Social media or different marketing avenues that you haven’t tried before.

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