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Koalafi Forms Partnership with Broad River Retail

Boomer Muth, CEO of Koalafi.

What’s new is our relationship with Broad River Retail. We realized we had a lot of shared values, our philosophies on how we wanted to treat our customers. Their vision is furnish life’s best memories. And our vision is a world where no one has to put an important purchase on hold.
So we looked at those two visions and really realized that the two of them worked really well together.

This matters because we just see a real significant opportunity to improve the non-prime financing experience. It’s really important to Broad River that every customer get treated really well because they view the customer as a lifelong.

You know, they’re memory makers, so they want to create great memories so that their customers choose to come back to them. And we really focus on creating a very transparent experience to the consumer.

At Koalafi, we really believe financing is more than just a transaction. We’re the only non-prime financier in this space that actually reports to primary credit bureaus, so we can report payments so that next time they get something they need, they can get it in the way that meets a better credit profile.

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