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King Koil Launches Wellness + Mattress Collection

David Long with King Coil. I’m head of marketing, also product development.

I’ll tell you what’s new with us. That we’re excited to be here for the summer market is really Wellness +. It’s a new, collection for us and really kind of oversees the three collections I’ve created over the last couple years.

And we all know how important, sleep is, but also our health and diet. And when we’re talking about this is we’re really talking about wellness. And these three collections dial in the type of mattress you’re looking for to help our retailers, at point of sale.

 Why it matters. I’ll tell you in the Wellness + one of the, respun collection, we’re talking about sustainability and why it matters is that we have to be concerned about how mattresses are disposed, whether it’s through a dump, if the mattress can be taken apart, the coils be used again.

So as we’re building mattresses now, we’re being very sensitive to what if the products have glue inside or the coils are glueless, things like that.

These two new beds from us retail from $4,000 to $5,000. What’s unique with them is that we have an inch and a half of latex in the quilt. I’ve got 11,000 coils in each product. Very comfortable, very supportive. And really the highlight the recycled denim we have on the border.

We appreciate The FAM coming in here and saying hello.

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