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Englander Debuts New Flex Head Sleep System

My name is Mark Kinsley. I’m the President and CEO of Englander.

What’s new is our all new Flex Head sleep system. You have independent head up motion on this amazing adjustable base. We have our polar touch cooling cover with phase change material, 100% copper, T latex, over a thousand fabric wrap springs for ultimate comfort.

Why it matters is because people want the control of independent head motion and they also want to be able to very easily take control of their partner’s remote.

In the middle of the night, in case somebody’s snoring, you hit the partner switch right here in the middle. You take control for a moment.

You can change that person’s position to stop the snoring hopefully, and get them to a new place of comfort. And then our remotes relinquish control back to the other side. So we’re really excited about the all new Englander Flex Head sleep system.

Also why it matters is because retailers want bigger tickets, and when you’re selling a flex head sleep system, you have to have the adjustable base in order to make it work.

So you’re selling the base, you’re selling the luxury premium mattress, and then also you can get sheets to go along with it. So you have big tickets and you have an amazing product to serve your consumers.

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