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Embracing New Beginnings: A Fresh Chapter Unfolds as Kinsley Bids Farewell to Englander to Focus on The FAM

In a strategic pivot, Mark Kinsley, after a rewarding five years at the helm of Englander, is embarking on a new chapter.

Rather than a quiet exit, he’s transitioning with purpose, launching full throttle into The FAM community.

This move coincides with Englander gearing up for a significant expansion phase, signaling a period of dynamic growth for the company. Simultaneously, The FAM community is witnessing a remarkable surge in engagement and impact, reflecting a thriving ecosystem in the industry. As Mark shifts into a strategic advisory role, his focus will turn to scouting for a sales-oriented leader to guide Englander through its next growth chapter.


– Englander is on the threshold of a major growth phase, poised for significant expansion.

– The FAM community’s growth and impact underscore the strength and reach of this industry.

– The resonance of Englander’s legacy and brand story with consumers is a powerful testament to its market positioning.

-Embracing change and transitions as avenues for innovation and new opportunities is a central theme of Mark’s narrative.

Mark’s journey serves as a reminder that leadership transitions can be catalysts for renewal and expansion, inviting business leaders to view change as a springboard for future success.


00:00 Introduction and Transition Announcement

01:08 Englander’s Growth Phase

02:32 Finding a Sales Minded Leader

03:02 Excitement for Englander’s Future

04:00 Englander’s Legacy and Brand Story

04:59 The Impact of the FAM Community

06:21 Transition Plan and Job Opportunity

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