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Cheat Code Unlocked:⚡️ Electrifying Leadership Tips to Energize Your Team

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with leadership guru Brett Thornton, whose book Charged Leadership will jolt your business awake.

This high-voltage author doesn’t just discuss leadership – he zaps it with an electric current that will leave you buzzing. He crackles with insights on connecting with modern staff and customers alike. Thornton doesn’t just write about adapting to new generations – he energizes and empowers leaders to make those vital connections.

Like a lightning bolt, Thornton strikes at the heart of great leadership, emphasizing transparency and authenticity. He’s no snooze when it comes to creating fun and engaged teams. Brett gives you the real shocker on firing employees – a stunning story that will transform how you lead.

Fasten your seatbelts and get charged up! Thornton delivers a high-wattage message that will illuminate your path to leadership success. You’ll be powered up and ready to electrify your team. Don’t miss this dynamite opportunity to spark your leadership skills. With Thornton’s voltage behind you, get ready to set your business ablaze!


  • Leaders need to adapt to the changing workforce and understand the different learning styles of each generation.
  • Transparency, authenticity, and tailoring messages to individuals are key aspects of effective leadership.
  • Leaders should focus on creating conditions for fun and engagement to build strong teams.
  • A life-changing piece of advice for leaders is to ensure they have done everything in their power to help employees be successful before making difficult decisions.


00:00 Introduction

00:52 New School Leadership

04:23 Writing Charged Leadership

05:04 Struggles in Writing the Book

08:50 The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

13:02 Taking Clarity on Leadership Style

17:08 Life-Changing Advice on Firing Employees

20:21 Creating Conditions for Fun and Engagement

23:12 Leadership is About Thinking of Others

29:39 The Purpose of the Book

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