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Buyers From Hom, Slumberland, Sleep Country, Becks & Ashley Win Ghostbed “Just Do It” Air Challenge at Las Vegas Market

GhostBed encouraged dealers to experience the updated Ghost Massage Bed in Las Vegas, offering a chance to win exclusive Air Jordan 1s in GhostBed’s colors. 

Six lucky winners from retailers like HOM, Slumberland, Sleep Country, The Mattress Room, Becks Furniture, and Ashley Furniture received logo-adorned shoes. 

Alan Hirschhorn, GhostBed’s EVP, expressed the excitement generated by the Air Jordans, highlighting the innovative air-cell technology of their massage bed. 

As part of Nature’s Sleep, GhostBed is a leader in affordable, quality sleep products, shipping quickly from numerous distribution points across the US and Canada, with a notable 25-year warranty.

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