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Adventures of Mattman: Super Sleep Swagisode

It’s a bright day today, and there is opportunity in the air!  

At the moment, my enemies of the sleep state are held at bay. They cower in the shadows and plot their next move no doubt. While they are busy doing what they do, I wanted to take a minute to talk about some of my superhero sleep swag! 

My Superhero Sleep Suit and cape are the obvious parts of my uniform that people see. However, there are a couple subtle pieces of swag.

First are my power bracelets that I wear on my left hand. Some people are into this wearing a rubber band bracelet thing and some aren’t. No shocker here that I am into it! 

And I don’t just wear them to wear them — there is really important stuff written on them. The blue bracelet I wear says D.R.E.A.M.S. on it. 

That is an acronym for the Dream Team’s core values — I’m the resident Sleep Superhero on the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman Dream Team.

I like to have this in front of my face everyday. I remind myself of our core values so that I know what to do when situations arise that are difficult. Situations that need some navigating! When I behave according to our values, things seem to go as well as they can. So far so good! 

The other wrist bands are black with writing on them. I rotate these ever few months. One says “Focus”. Another “Believe”. They’re a mix of strong words that fire me up! 

And this year in 2022, I have a new one! It’s purple and it says Tempur Sealy International. I’m not a big brand guy. However I got this wristband at a big industry event called PrimeTime in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I continue to wear it since then because of what Tempur Sealy has done to rescue beds and sleepers alike in their support of Dreams 4 All. 

Tempur Sealy International has donated over a million dollars retail of bedding to Dreams 4 All to go to refugees arriving to the U.S. and to those in need in the Southern Pines and Greater Charlotte area. They didn’t have to help us. They chose to help us! And as a result, their sleep swag is part of my uniform!

Next up are my pink glasses. I mentioned this before many moons ago but I still get asked about them a lot. Years ago, in 2019, Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture sponsored the Khaleda Run 5k in Denver, North Carolina. 

I showed up and ran in my Sleep Suit. I wasn’t quite semi-pro then. It was super sunny that morning and lucky for me, there was a pair of pink shades in the goody bag I got at registration. I put the shades on and by the end of the race, I forgot they were there. 

Later I saw pictures and it looked cool! But it meant more than just pink shades. The Khaleda Run is held every year to raise money for research of a rare blood disorder. 

The leaders who host the event lost their adopted daughter at age 8 to this disease. Her name was Khaleda. Her parents are optometrists. They own and run Advanced Eye Care in Denver, North Carolina so they put the shades in the bag. 

And they are pink because Khaleda loved pink. They were carrying out her wish to bring fun to the world and pink shades are the vessel. So here’s to Khaleda and to what life is really all about! 

I have joined her in rank and file spreading the good vibes and keeping her memory alive. She may have only had a little time on Earth but I’ll help her make a huge impact.

Last but not least are the things I carry with me at events I go to around town and across the U.S. 

I have a horde of Mattman stickers and temporary tattoos. I pass them out freely to folks in crowds. And since last summer’s shenanigans, I also carry glow sticks, which are not given but earned! 

You can ask me a question about sleep, sleep routines, bedtimes, and habits or tell me one of your sleep strengths or weaknesses. Any of that would suffice and you will be the proud owner of an amazing glow stick of varying colors! Super wild yo!

That’s all for now. I hope to see you out and about this summer. Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman is sponsoring events like the Denver Fireworks and Country Music Festival as well as the Mooresville YMCA July 3rd fireworks. 

These are huge events with tons of live music, good food, activities, our communities, and fireworks in celebration of our amazing country. I’m grateful to be able to participate and will be making sure to get my sleep cycles in every night so I have superpowers. I can’t wait to see what we are all cape-able of! 

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