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3 Ideas to Drive Summer Foot Traffic 

The sun is shining, the weather has warmed up, and people all across the country are ready to enjoy the summer.

That gives retailers the perfect chance to bring in customers with community-based events that can build brand recognition and offer people in the local area a fun activity.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Christmas in July! We’re halfway to Christmas! Time to begin decking our halls and readying ourselves for the holiday rush — there’s no time to waste.

    To celebrate Christmas in July, offer exciting giveaways and promotions as you would during the holiday season. Make discounts equivalent to holiday pricing. Offer specials all month long (e.g., $200 recliners or another hard-to-move product) and then have one-day-only specials or limited quantity sales to drive urgency. 

    Don’t forget to decorate your space and promote a message from Santa on social media!
  1. Sell Fireworks or Host a Show on Location. What could be more exciting than a fireworks show for the upcoming 4th of July? Create a small fireworks stand to sell merchandise or partner with a local fireworks pop-up shop and offer a fireworks gift card for customers who purchase over a certain dollar amount.

    Are you located on some land? Promote that you’re hosting a large fireworks show! Create excitement and offer VIP tickets for customers to sit on some of your merchandise while they watch the show!
  2. Host a Fall Fashion Show. Believe it or not, Fall will be here before we know it. And as the changing of seasons occurs, so do many people’s wardrobes across the country. For Labor Day, partner with local boutiques or even bigger retailers in your area (think Lululemon or Academy) to bring their new merchandise to your store and host a fashion show to display all the new items available for purchase.

    Ask retailers if they’d provide a small gift card to their store and offer the cards to local high school or college students in exchange for being models at the show. Split the show into the following attire segments for a greater variety: Business Professional, Work From Home, Casual, Athleisure, and Date Night!

It’s never too early to start planning for your next store event—and the more time you have to work on it, the better it will be.

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