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What’s The Furniture Industry’s Message to Consumers?

Chances are if you are familiar with furniture stores, you’ve undoubtedly seen the windows plastered with brightly colored signs that read “price reduction,” “no interest,” or “no down payments.”

For years, the furniture industry has bragged about the “no, no, no”, but has that hurt the image of furniture?

After all, furniture is about style, fashion, function, and comfort, and terms like “no interest” bring up thoughts of used car salesmen or cheap discount stores.

The messages that our industry sends to consumers don’t reflect the way so many people in our industry look at selling furniture. 

I’ve talked to countless retailers who are genuinely excited about selling customers furniture they’ll love. They enjoy helping people find the perfect sofa or dining table, and that mission is so much more powerful than sales and deals.

Use that message to draw people into your store, because that’s an emotional message consumers can connect with. 

Instead of putting a sign out front that says “no interest,” put a sign out that says “Your new favorite piece of furniture awaits!” 

Don’t advertise the sale, advertise the value.

There are so many ways to get creative with your advertising and turn furniture into something so much more than a (buy-it-by-the-pound-)product. Not only will you get sales, but you can create loyal customers who can refer you to friends, and together that will provide you with a consistent flow of sales 

Retailers are event-driven—most sales happen on holidays like the Fourth of July and President’s Day—and many times that means feast or famine for many retailers. That’s why spreading the right message matters.

If we can all come together behind the same cohesive industry slogan, that might help the industry form a consistent message. And if you stay tuned to The FAM, you can hear our thoughts on what that slogan could be, and why no one has made one yet. 

What do you think our industry’s message should be?

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