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Um, WHAT?! Consumers Get Honest About No Longer Needing to Try Out Mattresses Before Purchase

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The industry is changing and in many ways for the better; for many, the changes are a welcome relief.

In other ways, new challenges have arisen. The most predominant challenge is the shopping habits and patterns of the consumer and their view of purchasing major investment pieces–like mattresses–online. In this episode, we are sharing insights on consumer data and our exclusive research. We are weighing in on:

What channels people are purchasing mattresses from;

What percentage of people no longer feel the need to test their mattress before buying; and

What price points people are comfortable buying online.

We explore all of this and future research to be revealed. If you want first dibs on the information, make sure you’re subscribed here at The FAM or text us your name and email to 843-627-2672!

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