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True Believers: The Surprising Connection Between Ted Lasso, Cookware, Italian Suits, and Your Next Mattress Purchase

What do Ted Lasso, cookware, Italian suits, and your next mattress purchase have in common?

The answer lies in being a True Believer in investing in those items that enhance the quality of your life. Ted Lasso knows,

“I believe in hope. I believe in believe.”

My friend knows – he’s one of the top salespersons of luxury Italian suits for Neiman Marcus in the country. He believes that the exquisite material and attention to detail in these suits will elevate your style and make you feel confident and polished. He wears the suits he sells – and believes they are well worth your investment. I have believed him (too) many times.

Another friend of mine is also a True Believer. She is the top salesperson at her Williams Sonoma store. She is an accomplished chef and uses everything she sells in her cooking. When you’re purchasing cookware from her it’s hard not to believe this is a great investment in your culinary future.

Finally – and more to the point – my next friend is a True Believer in the life enhancing benefits of sleep. He truly believes that a quality mattress can change your life. He recently sold a mattress to a couple who had moved to his area. They were thinking the cheaper the better. My friend knew better, and sold them a high quality mattress (they could afford the price difference). Every time they see him they thank him for his wise counsel. What better referral could you ask for?

Wharton professor Jonah Berger writes in his new book, Magic Words;

“Whether you look at gurus, you look at startup founders, you look at leaders that are often thought about [as] charismatic, they often have something quite in common. They often do the same thing, which is they speak with a great deal of certainty.”

Which is another way of saying, they are True Believers.

I may want Ted Lasso to win, to look nice, eat well and sleep tight but unless I’m a professional in one of those areas I really don’t know the best choices. There are too many choices. I need a True Believer to coach me.

That’s where you come in. A True Believer is instantly believable. 

I believe you can make a difference and change the lives of those who purchase mattresses from you.

Believe me.

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