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Ticket to Dream Aims to Celebrate 6,000 Foster Grads

For youth in foster care, only 50% graduate from high school—and only 3% graduate from college. 

That’s why graduating high school or college is such an important milestone for kids in foster care. 

Ticket to Dream Foundation, a non-profit that helps foster kids across the country, just launched their 6th annual Cards for Grads campaign to celebrate and acknowledge the success of this year’s foster grads, rooting them on for their next steps into adulthood.

Mauri Knowles, program director at Ticket to Dream, explains that the foundation’s Cards For Grads campaign supports foster grads across the country each spring. The goal this year is to celebrate 6,000 high school and college graduates.

Ticket to Dream provides foster grads with handwritten cards and gift cards to celebrate their achievement. “Many of them may not have large families, but we can be there celebrating and rooting for them,” Knowles says. “We want to make sure that they have something special for their graduation day.”

With 200 agency partners that Ticket to Dream works with, they have close connections with foster kids and can see what their needs are, where there are gaps, and more. 

“This year’s graduates had to overcome online learning, school closures, and more all on top of the challenges of foster care, trauma and education delays. Making sure these youth know their hard work mattered, that there are people that believe they can succeed, can mean the world.” Knowles says. “It’s also a fun way for individuals, groups or companies to get together as a team-building activity, that gives back. Anyone and everyone can get involved in this and it has become one of our most popular volunteer projects of the year.”

Here’s how it works: Volunteers can send cards with handwritten messages of encouragement and/or gift cards to Ticket to Dream by April 8th. You can also make a donation online at and they’ll create the card for you! Then with the help of volunteers, they ship thousands of cards just in time for graduation ceremonies.

There are nearly half a million children in foster care in the U.S. today, and this is a great way to give back and support the future.

 For more information or to donate, visit

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