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The Quarter-Hour Rule For Falling Asleep Fast

The quarter-hour rule could help you fall asleep faster.

This rule suggests that if you’re having trouble falling asleep, you should get out of bed and engage in a relaxing activity for about 15 minutes before attempting to sleep again. The idea behind this technique is to prevent your mind from associating the bed with frustration and restlessness.

By getting out of bed and engaging in a calming activity such as reading or listening to soft music, you give yourself a chance to relax and reduce any anxiety or stress that may be hindering your ability to fall asleep. After 15 minutes, you can return to bed and try to sleep again.

It is also important to establish a consistent sleep routine and maintain a comfortable sleep environment to improve sleep quality. Also avoid stimulating activities and electronic devices before bed and create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom.

While the quarter-hour rule may not work for everyone, it serves as a helpful technique to break the cycle of frustration and restlessness when experiencing difficulty falling asleep.

For more on this rule, check out the research here.

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