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SleepScore Labs Introduces First Reimbursable Sleep Program That Champions Rest As Preventative Care 

SleepScore Labs recently expanded into Germany with the launch of the world’s first digital sleep improvement program to be certified by a government body for up to 100% reimbursement by health insurers. 

The program will be made available to tens of millions of insured people in Germany and opens the door for expansion across the European Union.

Delivery of this program comes through a newly formed partnership between SleepScore’s EU headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and ResMed Germany, bringing together SleepScore’s sleep science and technology expertise with ResMed’s unrivaled expertise in clinical sleep diagnostics and therapies as well as their vast reach through their established “Dein Schlaf. Dein Tag.” brand. 

ResMed Germany’s recent acquisition of mementor, a company that develops digital therapeutics including for insomnia, makes for an ideal partnership to help people get all the sleep support they need from early sleep issues to therapies for medical conditions.

The launch in Germany comes as part of a growing global recognition that healthy sleep, referred to by some as “the fifth vital sign”, is a key pillar in restoring the brain and body. 

As the cost of poor sleep makes up nearly 3% of some countries’ GDP and nearly 75%  of individuals report not getting highly restorative sleep, the addition of evidenced-based sleep improvement programs is critical to improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare utilization costs through disease prevention.

Leading the Way for the U.S. and Others 

The German healthcare system, which is second only to the U.S. in size, has become a world leader in driving transformative changes by focusing on preventative care. European governments and healthcare systems have been creating policy to drive these changes. 

The CDC declared sleep disorders a public health epidemic in 2018, but meaningful change to truly address the issue is only just beginning.  However, SleepScore’s U.S. headquarters is working with leaders in the digital health and insurance space to change that. 

SleepScore has successfully piloted programs with employers and one of the largest US insurers, delivering objectively measured outcomes that include an average of 18 additional hours of sleep per month and up to a 48% increase in other health outcomes such as fitness activity, combined with 8–10 times more engagement and retention rates compared to other health and wellness programs.

“We are so excited that one major government is leading the way in this preventive health investment, as sleep will deliver outcomes across weight management, fitness, performance, along with reduction of long-term healthcare costs,” says Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs. “Literally billions of people are getting sick because they don’t get the quality sleep they need. We expect this to expand to other European countries very soon, as sleep improvement represents the largest untapped opportunity in human health.”

Superior Accuracy and Personalization

The SleepScore program, delivered primarily through a downloadable smartphone app, includes industry-leading accurate sleep tracking conveniently available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with no need to buy additional wearables or hardware.  

Enabled by strong data, the program’s recommendation engine continuously analyzes and correlates objectively measured sleep data with self-report demographics and lifestyle data. 

Then, through proprietary algorithms, the program provides users with recommended solutions that are highly personalized to their needs, allowing for up to one million possible unique advice permutations per user.

The fundamental value of this personalized program is data accuracy, SleepScore says, since providing effective and lasting personal sleep advice requires a high degree of confidence, often lacking in the sleep space. 

ResMed and SleepScore Labs have been developing and evolving the digital sleep program over several years, which has resulted in ever-improving technology and measurement accuracy, with 14 published validation studies comparing performance against PSG, the gold standard in sleep tracking. 

German Digital Healthcare Act 

In June 2015, Germany passed new legislation focused on disease prevention and health promotion, enabling a wide range of benefits to individual consumers along with long-term economic benefits. In July 2021, the area of ‘sleep’ was added to the overarching program offerings in the field of stress prevention.

The Prevention Act became law in Germany in 2015 and has allowed new measures in the areas of prevention against diseases, health promotion, and early detection of diseases to take effect. Once a prevention program is approved by Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention (ZPP), the official independent regulator that reviews programs on behalf of the statutory health insurance providers, the program is then listed on an online registry for the public to choose from.

SleepScore and ResMed Germany have been working together to certify the “Dein Schlaf. Dein Tag. powered by SleepScore” sleep improvement program, and the associated app is now available for download and reimbursement for every publicly insured person in Germany. You can learn more about the program here.

“ResMed has improved the sleep of people all around the world for over 30 years. In combining our expertise in sleep health and SleepScore’s validated digital sleep program, we are now able to help more people in Germany in getting healthy sleep by offering an easily accessible and reimbursable certified sleep program,” says ResMed Germany President Katrin Pucknat. “We are excited to add the ‘Dein Schlaf. Dein Tag.’ app to our portfolio, allowing us to cover the entire field of sleep health — from prevention to therapy for sleep disorders.” 

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