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Sleepme Unveils First-of-its-kind Technology

Sleepme Inc., the parent company of ChiliSleep, has released a first-of-its-kind technology — Hiber-AI — along with a non-wearable sleep tracker that collects, analyzes and acts on sleep data in real-time.

When the sleep tracker is paired with the company’s Dock Pro Sleep System, Hiber-AI will adjust the bed temperature based on a person’s current real-time sleep data.

The sleep tracker, which is placed directly on top of the mattress, monitors vital health metrics such as heart and respiratory rates as well as current sleep stages such as deep and REM sleep. This information is then collected and sent to the user via a sleep report that can be viewed in the user-friendly Sleepme app every morning.

The data is also sent to the cloud where Hiber-AI will analyze it, and based on a person’s sleep data history and AI algorithms, will send instructions to the Dock Pro to make real-time, bed-temperature adjustments to optimize sleep.

“This has never been done before,” Tara Youngblood, CEO and co-founder of Sleepme Inc., says about Hiber-AI. “No one has ever made real-time sleep tracking. It’s a platform for making changes while you’re sleeping. This new platform will allow us to create solutions and partner with companies that will improve your sleep in real-time.”

Sleepme also announced that is now, which will provide an enhanced user experience. At, customers can still find ChiliSleep Sleep Systems and cooling products, along with the new Cool Luxe™ blanket, and Youngblood says the transition “reflects our expanding products and services that will surround all sleep needs.”

“If you look at why we’re building out our app, why we’re building out our membership, it really is about a movement towards making sleep easy and accessible,” she adds.

Meanwhile, the current ChiliSleep brand will remain the same and operate under the Sleepme Inc. umbrella. The ChiliSleep brand will continue focusing on thermoregulation and cooling products to help people sleep better based on temperature.

“The launch of Hiber-AI and the sleep tracker is just the beginning of what Sleepme has in store with future products and devices that work together to improve sleep,” Youngblood says. “Sleepme is ushering in a whole new era of how we manage sleep. This is the start of the sleep of the future.”

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