Most people don’t associate Albert Einstein with sleep or the invention of paper towels, but the first physics paper he ever published analyzed wicking. He was trying to explain how a candle wick draws hot wax upward when gravity wants to pull it down. Later known as capillary action, the principle of wicking is what allows paper towels to absorb and hold that apple juice a toddler tosses onto the countertop. Read More
Scared of Mattress Salesmen
TUCK is an acronym for Thoughtful, Understanding, Compassion, and Knowledge. That word and the culture it creates transcends Cunningham’s mattress business. The TuckFit system is a creative way to attract in-market shoppers and calm those fears that go along with bed buying. Read More
What if the FDA approved a new pill that reduced the number of days your kid was sick? That one pill also improves their mood and raises athletic performance to new levels. Also, it boosts test scores and delivers a better sense of well-being. Read More
When salespeople educate mattress shoppers about how to get better sleep, they’re making each interaction more emotional, meaningful, and beneficial. Brush up on sleep knowledge and send customers home with a great mattress and a lifetime of better sleep. Read More

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