SAVE THE DATES: Dream Camp April 30-May 3 & Sleep Summit Oct. 8-11, 2024


The word is Chowdy. Ciao and Howdy slammed together like tiny atoms smashing into each other in a particle accelerator. The definition of Chowdy is hello and goodbye. It’s my own personal North Carolina “Aloha!” Chowdy, chowdy folks! My name is Andy Schlesser. I took off the cape and toast-like mattress suit for today’s episode. I give salutations to my friends and colleagues as Chowdy. It’s my sign of endearment. I felt the need to invent the word Chowdy because I love and admire how efficient Hawaiians have it. One word. Read More
I’m joining you today from my office in the clouds where the fluffiest of pillows are packed and there appears to be endless space for digital storage. I’m looking out my window at an expansive view of the Apple iCloud. It’s massive, I’ve never seen anything like it. Up here, it’s known as The Big Apple. Between the iCloud, other clouds, and technology in general, today’s gadgets are more like magic every day. It takes a good night’s sleep just to keep up with the pace of improvements all around us. Some improvements have been predicted by movies and TV shows. Read More

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