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Sleep Mask Review: Manta Triple Black and Weighted

What happened when Dos Marcos scored two types of Manta sleep masks? 

While the boys needed some time to adjust to the feel of the masks, they developed a new tip they’re telling everyone about: practice sleeping with an eye mask. Especially if you travel.

Even Mattman, the greatest mattress superhero there ever was, loves sleep masks. But what’s all the hype about?

The body is extremely sensitive to light, and light signals to our brain that we need to wake up. There was even a study done where people who were actively sleeping had increased brain activity when a tiny little laser was shined on the back of their leg. 

That shows that your entire body registers light even when asleep, which is pretty amazing to think about.

So when Mark and Mark got ahold of the Mantas Weighted Mask and the Triple Black sleep masks, they put them to the test using these criteria:

  • Light blocking  
  • Comfort 
  • Weight 
  • Side sleeper considerations 
  • The strap
  • Features

But first, a disclosure: This is not a sponsored video. Manta did send Dos Marcos the masks for free, but the company didn’t pay for their evaluation. The reason for this review is so that you can use the whole sleep ecosystem to make sales. These are lower ticket add-ons that create conversations in your retail environment, and it’s important to talk about the sleep store of the future.

For the triple black eye masks, the boys found that they block 100% of light. Quinn used them on a recent vacation in Costa Rica and loved how they worked against the bright Costa Rican sun. 

And while there’s usually a small spot that light gets in with other eye masks, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Manta’s triple black. Kinsley achieved full blackout mode on his first try, due to the design of the recessed eye cups that can be unsnapped and adjusted to fit the width of your face. 

As for comfort, Kinsley says the eye cups are comfortable, but as a side sleeper, he feels some slight pressure from the donut shape, but not enough to cause huge problems 

The straps are lightweight and low profile, so you don’t feel any buckles, weight, or bulk. And they use a high-end velcro-like mechanism that looks like a micro hooks. 

The boys enjoyed trying out the weighted eye masks as well, but won’t be using them on the reg.

Kinsley notes that as a side sleeper, the weighted mask slipped off his face a little bit due to the weight of the mask pulling down toward the pillow, and they were a little warmer than desired. A better use might be for naps, as it offers a comforting effect that “hugs your head.”

As an extension of weighted blankets and other weighted products—which are hot items right now—the mask is great for back sleepers, back nappers, possibly people who sleep on planes or trains, or those who want a little weight.

Overall, Dos Marcos encourages retailers to see the opportunity behind items like sleep masks. 

“How cool would it be if you could get personal branding on these masks?” Quinn offers. “Or if you bought them and anyone who spent $1,000 gets a free mask. Forget what everyone else is doing and get creative.”

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