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Simmons Teams Up with D’Amelio TikTok Stars

It’s never too early to enlighten the younger generations on the value of sleep, and Simmons seems to have the same idea, as they’ve recently partnered with digital creators and TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio on a new mattress aimed at Generation Z. 

You may not know who these women are, but you can bet nearly anyone from Gen Z does.

After taking social media by storm with her dance moves and quirky yet wholesome humor, Charli inspired the rest of the family to join the app, and now they have millions and millions of followers between the four of them. They are sometimes referred to as “the first family of TikTok.” 

The Charli & Dixie x Simmons bed has two inches of gel memory foam and a motion separation layer for comfort and minimal interruption. The mattress cover, chosen specially by Charli and Dixie, features a dreamy crossover pattern in white and “Simmons Cerulean.” The queen-size mattress is available now for $599.

To celebrate the collaboration, Charli and Dixie will go head to head in a family-friendly showdown to turn two fans’ boring bedrooms into stunning creative studios in the Simmons Dream Room contest.

“Dixie and I are so excited to be working with Simmons on this mattress,” says Charli D’Amelio. “We spend more time than ever in our beds, which is why we wanted to help make sure that this mattress was created for more than just sleeping and dreaming. Our beds are the new offices for our generation, where we check messages in the morning, where we listen to music and podcasts, where we stay up late FaceTiming with our friends, scroll aimlessly on social media to get inspired, and most importantly, it’s where we look forward to going after a busy day.”

After entry closes, Simmons will select the two entries most in need of a room refresh. Winners will get to share their vision with Charli or Dixie, who will work with Simmons to bring the designs to life. 

“Simmons celebrates originality and creativity, which is exactly what Charli and Dixie bring to life through their content,” says Andrew Long, senior director of Simmons marketing. “Given their passion and entrepreneurial spirit, we knew they would be the perfect partners to help us champion that and create a mattress designed to reach and inspire younger Gen Z consumers.”

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