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Simmons Announces Winners of TikTok Dream Room Contest

Simmons made history by becoming the first brand to ever launch on TikTok, partnering with two of the platform’s stars—Charli and Dixie D’Amelio—to create the Charli & Dixie x Simmons mattress.

To celebrate the collaboration, Charli and Dixie went head to head in a family-friendly showdown to turn two fans’ bedrooms into creative studios in the Simmons Dream Room contest. 

The TikTok-based contest saw 1,829 people enter for the chance to have the sisters design their room and saw 47% of entries fall into the Gen-Z demographic. The sisters pulled from their own personal styles as well as the styles of the winners (with whom they each had virtual consultations). 

The two winners, Peyton and Jaboria, received a D’Amelio-designed room refresh including the new Charli & Dixie x Simmons mattress. The room makeovers were each valued at $5,000.

The makeovers are officially complete, and here are a few before and after shots of the sisters’ designs.


(Above) Charli designed Peyton’s new room, which is boho chic and multi-functional. The dresser doubles as a vanity, the twinkle light garlands were included in a photo backdrop, and there is both a space to work and play.


Dixie designed Jaboria’s new room, which was made to be a glam space that offers a haven from the outside world. Comfortable spaces mixed with soft textures were included to make the room an inviting place to be creative.

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