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Hosted by mattress industry experts and bedding business insiders, The FAM podcasts and audio stories bring you all the information you need to know to run your business better and stay in-the-know.

Dos Marcos Show: The Galaxy's Greatest Mattress Podcast

Dos Marcos Show

Hosted by Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, this was world's first-ever bedding business podcast. This pioneering show reaches out into the sleep universe to bring you interviews and insights that shape the mattress industry.

Mike it Up Podcast

Mike It Up

It's time to get smart about how the mattress shopping journey is changing and what retailers and manufacturers should be doing about it. Hosted by Jeff Cassidy and founder Mike Magnuson.

Just Stores with Brett Thornton

Just Stories with BT

Brett Thornton interviews leaders who've shaped the world in which we live and asks them to tell three stories. The conversations are wondrous and the insights are magical.


The Adventures of Mattman

He's a sleep superhero on a mission. By the power of the pillow, the might of the mattress, and the surety of the sheets, Mattman hopes to help everybody sleep better at night so they can awaken their own superpowers to use in their daily lives. 

FAM audio stories podcast

The FAM Audio Stories

Every article featured on The FAM has a sister audio story. Listen to all your mattress industry news, articles, and insight wherever you get your podcasts.

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