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Planner 5D Takes 3D To Next Level

Tech company Planner 5D has developed the first use-case demo for Apple’s newest RoomPlan API, which uses the camera and LiDAR scanner on iPhones and iPads to create a 3D floor plan of any room.

The unique technology finds dimensions and inserts furniture and decor items by using its own AI recognition feature to scan the furniture and match them with items from its catalog to easily apply different interior design styles. 

Users will be able to use the RoomPlan API feature directly in Planner 5D by tapping on the “create a new project” option. This will open up the Scanner mode (RoomPlan SDK). Once they have a virtual floor plan, it will be automatically exported to the Planner 5D editor, where they can use the automated furniture arrangement feature to edit, shuffle and experiment with alternative furniture arrangements and switch between different interior design styles. 

“Home renovation platforms like Planner 5D help not only retail customers, but also interior designers, as the platform acts as a tool for sketching and that they can quickly show to their clients,” says Andrey Ustyugov.

As opposed to other augmented reality technology that can take time to figure out and use correctly, Planner 5D simplifies this process down to simply scanning your space with your phone and creating a 3D digital model of the room.

Ustyugov says though the technology seems like it’s specifically aimed at consumers, retailers can advertise their products on the platform, and he’s looking for and working on new ways to partner with retailers in the industry.  

“RoomPlan will completely change the way people create interior design visualizations,” he says. “This is a transformational moment for the interior design and home improvement industries. It also enables a variety of new ways for people to shop, create and learn.

The automated furniture arrangement feature is already available in Planner 5D, while the RoomPlan feature will be available for iOS users in fall 2022.

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