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No Need to Pivot: Southerland Introduces One-piece King Size Adjustable Base

On the hit TV show Friends, there’s a well-known scene where Rachel, Ross, and Chandler try to carry a sofa up a flight of stairs and Ross keeps screaming “PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT!” when they try to round a corner. 

In the end, the frustrated trio ends up getting the sofa stuck in the stairwell, and scenarios like this are one reason king-size box springs really don’t exist. But having to buy two twin XL box springs or split adjustables doesn’t always sit well with consumers, so independent sleep products manufacturer Southerland added a one-piece king adjustable power bed base to its American Adjustables product collection.

Because the consumer doesn’t need to buy two separate pieces, the adjustable saves consumers twenty percent on their purchase. And it’s even decked out with Bluetooth capability and zero-gravity, head-up, and foot-up capabilities. Also included: a wireless remote control, three preset positions, and adjustable leg height settings.

“Helping our retail partners meet the needs of their consumers with cost-effective, problem-solving products has always been at the core of what we do at Southerland,” says Bryan Smith, president and CEO. “Our retailers have shared with us increased demand from consumers looking for a true king bed adjustable experience that eliminates the middle gap by accommodating a king mattress. Not only does our one-piece king base take care of that problem, but it also provides a value-priced offering, while assuring a good return on investment for our retailers.”

Priced to retail at $1,299, the bases are assembled in the U.S. in Southerland’s factories. 

Finally, you can stop yelling at your friend to “PIVOT!” when you’re taking tight turns on moving day.

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