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New Year, New Goals and Leveraging Sleep

Ladies and gentleman, it is now 2023! And in proper Sleep Superhero fashion, I do not intend to make snooze-year resolutions!

I love the process of sitting down at the New Year to identify new important but not urgent goals that I want to accomplish. This year is a special one as well! I am calling this year the year of the viking! 

Vikings are warriors! They are strong, honorable, adventurous, treasure seeking, and passionate! They live by these principles in order to prepare themselves for the next battle! And let me tell you, I have a few battles to fight in 2023. Chief among them is the Sleeping Bandit, my arch nemesis. I have been working with Dreams 4 All to save a massive amount of sleep cycles in the Charlotte North Carolina area and no doubt the Sleeping Bandit will have to confront me face to face. Man to Mattman! And I also want to continue my journey of trying to run a 5k faster than 30 minutes in the Mattsuit. Thing is, my goal is no longer a sub 30 minute 5k. Instead, my goal is to have the habits of a person who can run a sub 30 minute 5k with a ton of armor and weapons. My weapons are more like a sewing kit, Shawn Stephenson’s book Sleep Smarter, and a pair of pink glasses but nonetheless, a great warrior I shall be!

Another goal I have set is to have the habits of a person who can speak Spanish. We have a community of Latin American immigrants in the Charlotte area that need my help and I get frustrated that I cannot communicate with them. This is on me and I have tried and failed before to learn more Spanish. But I didn’t know what I know now about how the brain and sleep work together to remember things. Learning a second language is memorizing a lot of vocabulary. That hippocampus of mine is going to get a work out! Thankfully, I’ve listened to Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker and I have some interesting strategies to try. If I’m going to try, I am going to fight from a foundation of sleep!

And last but not least, I intend to form a guild. A crafting guild of cape makers! There are a lot of people who need capes. This world is in need of more superheroes! I have already begun the drafting process of my charter. I have already begun assembling a team. And I have already begun to design the initial generic cape that we will make but there is so much more to this that I have yet to learn. Each cape I make brings me to a new understanding of not only sewing, but concentration and creativity. 

These resolutions are designed to keep me engaged and learning. It’s easy to make a resolution but hard to stick with it past the first few days and weeks. However, leveraging my sleep habits with knowledge from Atomic Habits to effectively achieve change. I will be planning out my bedtime and wake up time every week. I will write down my morning and evening routines. And if something feels like it is too hard, I’m going to look for a community online or locally to get help and inspiration! But the most important thing to do is fight from a foundation of sleep!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you this year and teaching the science of sleep. Sleep habits can be leveraged to do all sorts of amazing things in our lives. Sleep can help us lose weight, help us learn faster, help us grow stronger, and help us stay feeling younger as days, weeks, months, and years fly by. You can also harness the power of a pillow and work towards achieving greatness in your life! If you need a hand figuring out where to start, text me at 704-706-2436. I’ll be your personal Superhero Sleep Coach! Improving the quality of your sleep 1% everyday is enough to help you sleep like a superhero in no time. 

Sleep like a superhero and you will start to be awake like one and see what you are CAPE-able of!

Good morning superpower seekers! My name is Mattman SirCapesAlot. I’m the comfortable caped crusader. I teach and preach the Game Plan for Better Sleep! I’m the resident Sleep Superhero on the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman Dream Team. I am also part of the FAM crew from where you can find mattress and furniture industry info, intel, and good people! If you are interested in growing your local independent business, check it out!  And be sure to tune into the audio version of this article for a deeper dive into the information and happenings in a day in the life of a Sleep Superhero.

And speaking of Superheroes, Dreams 4 All needs help to serve more people! If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Dreams 4 All Foundation that believes nobody deserves to sleep on the floor, please text us at 704-706-2436. You can text us if you would like to see about doing this in your local community as well! We are always looking for more superheroes to join the ranks!

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