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Microsoft, Elon Musk and Others Invest in GPT as the Next Big Marketing Machine

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. 

If you don’t recognize the acronym, you need to learn it and what it does, ASAP.

On today’s special FAM Marketing Show episode, Mark Quinn joins Adrienne and professional FMS co-host Julia Rosien to chat the next marketing phenomenon.

GPT, according to Wikipedia, is an “autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.” For students, this platform is a win when it comes to paper writing. With very specific prompts and directives, GPT is able to produce a human-like quality paper that is unique and free from plagarism. What does this mean for marketers, retailers, and everyone else? The sky is the limit. 

While in its infancy, and still ripe with errors, the tool is quickly adapting and learning as users edit and input new information. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars and Elon Musk, Sam Alton, and Peter Thiel all have a stake in the chat GPT game. 

Listen or watch to learn what you need to know about this “arms race” to the new way of business. 


Mark Quinn: Hey fam chat, generative pre-trained transformer. You may know it as chat G P T. Is it gonna take over the world or is it just a great tool to help you in a day-to-day business? Adrian and I are gonna talk about it all with co-host Julia Rosein, and it’s all happening right now. Julia, welcome to the show.

It’s not even my show. I’m squatting. We’ll talk about that in a minute. But anyway, so glad you’re here so much to talk about, don’t you think?


Julia Rosien: thank you for having me. I was gonna say thank you for having me, but yeah, you’re, you’re newer on the show than I am, so, you know, nice to be with you again.

I’ll do that.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, so true. So true. I do have a few podcasts under my belt, but Adrianne. Uh, thanks for having me on in Kinsley’s absence. This is gonna be a lot of fun. You’re welcome. And I know the way you guys start out is with some Austin trivia. Am I right?

Adrienne Woods: Oh, you are absolutely right. Welcome to my show.

Normally I’m on your show, but welcome to my show. Uh, welcome to Julie and i’s show, I should actually say that as we talked about before we started, she and I are the pros here and you’re the newbie, so gotta start somewhere. But yes, we start out with trivia. It’s clear.

Julia Rosien: It’s

Adrienne Woods: fine. Okay, we are gonna actually talk video marketing trivia.

So this is what I looked at. This is from HubSpot. Um, what percent of businesses said in the last 12 months that a video on social media resulted in a new client? I’m gonna give you four guesses. And Quinn, the way this works. Come up with your guests, but don’t say what it is. And then at the end, right before we close out the show is when we, you actually give your guests, and we will tell you the answer.

So, percent of businesses that said in the last 12 months that a video on social media resulted in a new client, 58%. 64%, 79% or 84%. So those,

Julia Rosien: Ooh, those are your,

Adrienne Woods: yes, they were very, and I, it was interesting to read about kind of how they came to their number. So video, whether video working you, that’s or not.

Mark Quinn: That is so interesting because I started thinking, okay, it’s gonna be a high number. Even the lowest number was high, right? Pretty high. So you know that it’s big. Well, you guys, look, this is, I was so excited, and actually, Julia, you reached out to us and you’re like, Hey guys, there’s some really cool stuff going on with chat G p T.

It was like totally locked in my head too. So I’m really glad we’re having this show. I wanna, I wanna give you guys some perspective and then Julie, I’ll, I’ll toss it to you, but I want you to think about, Chat, G p t, it actually launched their prototype on November 30th, and, um, almost immediately after launching it had a valuation of 29 billion.

That’s B as in billion, uh, right away. Um, founded by Sam Alton, Elon Musk, Peter Theoral, uh, Thiel among others. Microsoft has a piece of it, and here’s what’s a crazy sta. To reach 1 million users, right? Twitter took 24 months of being in business to get a million people on their platform. Facebook took 10 months to get a million users.

Instagram took two months to get a million users and chat. G P T. Guess how many, how much time it took. I’m gonna guess days,

Adrienne Woods: Adrian. That would days, okay. I mean, I’ll,

Julia Rosien: I’ll narrow it down to days. How many,

Mark Quinn: all right. And Julia? Julia,

Julia Rosien: you have a guess? I’m gonna say within a month. I don’t know whether DA days might be a little aggressive, but I would be, I would believe it if it was, but I would say

Mark Quinn: a month.

How about five days? Wow. Five days to get to a million. So folks, if you’re turning into this show and you don’t know what chat g p t is, we’re gonna spell it out for you. But I’m gonna tell you right now, like you try to go onto it now and you can’t even get on it because there’s so many people. Getting on it.

And I’m pretty sure it’s all people like my son or my daughter who are both in school and it’s, they’re just having it write papers, for them. So I think that’s what’s bogging it down. But anyway, Julie, when you hear those kind of statistics, like where does it take you? Like what are you thinking about chat G P T, knowing what you know today?

Julia Rosien: Well, uh, so chat, G p t five days, G P T zero, uh, over a weekend. So G P T Zero is the new app from a student in Princeton who has designed it to figure out what is AI writing and what is human writing, because he believes that we should know the difference between the two. So, . The point is it’s going fast.

It’s going very, very fast. And if anybody, any education facility, any business owner thinks they don’t need to worry about what Chap G P T is doing, they’re wrong. It’s not going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to take us with it. We just have to make sure we understand it and how to use it. So lots.

Mark Quinn: Let’s talk about. Go ahead. Yeah, keep, I want, I wanna keep, I want you to keep going, but talk about that Julia. So what is the function of chat? G P D number one? You know, what is it, and then what are people using it for? Can you kind of summarize that for us?

Julia Rosien: Yes.

Adrienne Woods: Function is, we don’t know what, where it’s coming from because like I have very, very high level.

So explain kind of what it is and then go into answering his questions.

Julia Rosien: Sure. So you go onto a site, check jbt, do ai, whatever it is, type in write me a, write me a blog post. Write me a meta-description for a mattress product you can act to write you anything. Write me a Charles Dickens story in Charles Dickens.

Voice, right me. Write me a story on how to get better sleep and include 10 points. So what it is, is these are called prompts. Your writing prompts have to be very clear and concise because it is a machine, it’s not a person. And then you treat it like a child that needs as much information as you can possibly give it, and then you can go back and edit it.

So if it gives you something, I gave it, uh, you know, write me a, a 10 point blog post on how to get a better night’s sleep. So it gives me 10 points. Well-written, clear, concise, full sentences. You know, some of it’s not great writing, but it’s certainly not terrible writing. I’ve seen worse from some of writers that I’ve worked with just, you know, same

So it’s, it’s pretty good actually. But then you can go back and you can say, write me that same blog post in a sarcastic. Write me that same blog post in an academic tone, write me that same blog post as if Charles Dickens wrote it. So it’s, it’s pulling, you know, reams and reams and reams of information from the internet.

And it’s, it actually, I was reading today that it can pass a bar exam, it can pass a medical licensing exam. The thing is, is super powerful in what it can produce. Now the data is only up to 2021. And the, and the. developers know this, that’s gonna change very soon. The problem with it is right now is that it’s, there’s so much computing costs.

It’s blowing through millions and millions of dollars every month because all of this to whenever you type something in there, there’s a computing cost that goes along with that. So they’re working on monetizing it. So the I, the, the newest one I’ve heard is G P T Pro $42 a month. But if you’re a business using it, that $42 might be well spent because you could write all of your meta descriptions for all of the products you have on your site, and you can go back and edit it.

You don’t have to accept it because every time you ask it for something, I was asking it for a meta description and it didn’t give it to me in the, um, the voice I needed it in, and then it didn’t give it to me in the correct word and character count. So I had to go, I made it go back and edit it. A couple of.

And I finally got to the right point. But remember, as much as I’m learning from that machine, it’s learning from me too. Mm. So all of these millions of users that are inputting their requests and their prompts, and they’re learning how to write better or whatever they’re using it for, it’s getting that same information back.

So is it wrong to use it? . You know, why wouldn’t it be wrong? Like, you know, if you’re a student, you know, and you’re using it to write your paper and you’re not learning anything, maybe there’s some issues there that need to be worked out. There is some issues that need to be worked out, but think of it as a virtual study buddy note too.

Mm-hmm. , you’ve just read Withering Heights and you didn’t understand a word of it. Give me five questions about weathering heights that I can talk about or give me five, uh, important points of the story. So, you know, the students are going to learn how, how they use this. They can, you can do math, they can do science, they can, it can give you all that information without having to hunt around the internet for it.

And it’s right there for you learning as you, as you learn from it, from a business stand standpoint. It can write all the content that we. .

Adrienne Woods: Absolutely. I mean, so I, my kids go to a hybrid, part-time private school, part-time homeschool. Right. And the way that they are learning English, basic sentence structure is it gives them an incorrect sentence and says, fix it.

So it needs capitalization, it needs punctuation. They’re learning how to read it. Whereas, and so this is almost a glorified version of that. I mean, when you kind of boil it back down, Use AI to write you this paper, and then you go back in specifically from a student standpoint, right? You go back in and you learn wh where this needs to be fixed.

Now that’s not to say in 10 years it won’t be writing better than humans, but I can see, I can see the logic behind where it’s coming out at right now. For sure. Well, and it was

Julia Rosien: never intended. Right now it’s a dog and pony show. You know, sure. People are typing in funny things that they, you know, they wanna have done, but, but it was never intended for the dog and pony show.

It’s an arms race. It’s an arms race between Microsoft, between Google, between all the big players that are collecting data and that are going to be using that data to either make our lives better or to make us more connected to it. So we can’t live without it. So, you know, we’re in the arms race, it’s not gonna go away.

So how can we use that arms race? You know, to at least benefit from it as we’re going through it. We, people said the same thing about social media. When I was using Facebook for business back in 2006, I’m like, why would you make on Facebook, it’s gonna go away. It’s stupid. You know? Only the kids are using it still here.

it’s a billion dollar company. . Yes. It’s on the wrong side of history there. So, you know, we can jump over this time on this side.

Mark Quinn: You guys, here’s what’s crazy. I want, I wanna read this list of things it can do, but then Julie and Adrian, I want you both to chime in.

Julia, we’ll go to you first. Let’s bring it home to the industry, right? So mm-hmm. , if we take the technology and we wanna apply it and use it and let it become a tool for us instead of something we’re afraid of, absolutely. Um, how can we do that? What is the application back to our industry? But this is what chat g p t people say that it can do.

It has the ability to write and debug computer programs to compose music. Teleplays fairy tales, student essays, to answer test questions. Sometimes depending on the test, at a level above the average human test taker, to write poetry and song lyrics, to emulate a Linx system, to simulate an entire chat room to play CAEs like tic-tac toe, and to simulate an at t ATM machine.

I’d like to have a simulated ATM machine so I could just like withdraw money. So simulation must mean that you’re not gonna get the money, so, Anyway. All right. So Julia, having heard that, like try and apply some of that logic to the mattress and the furniture category. What do we do with this thing?

Julia Rosien: So let’s take it right down to the basic level for our industry.

So from our industry, how can, how can retailers use it? How can manufacturers use it? Our industry is incredibly behind the eight ball when it comes to digital, when it comes to seo, search engine optimization. There are so many retailers in this industry that still do not have good content on their websites.

So let’s start there. It can write the content for you for your website. And for your, your meta descriptions. And the meta descriptions is think of the Dewey Decimal system. Back in the day when you went into the library, you looked through the index file cuz you knew what letter to look for, what number to look for.

You go to that desk. That’s what SEO is for people searching for your business. So if you can write those Medes descriptions and put them on your website, you can help people find your business. So that’s gonna level the playing field because if you don’t already have it, chat, t p t can give it to you and you don’t actually have to have an editor.

Do that for you. You can, with no writing skill at all, you could take those meta descriptions, put them on your website, and be pretty confident that it’s going to drive traffic to your website on a, you know, a more regular basis. So that’s, that’s really important from that standpoint. Can it do all the other things that we talked about?

Pass the bar exam, you know, correct. Linux issues, correct code. Yeah. I can do those things, but most of us don’t need those. So if we wanna use it, let’s use it at the level we’re at. You can use it to write emails to customers, for example. So you have a customer that’s a difficult customer and you don’t know how to word it nicely without ripping their head off and, you know, making the problem much worse, which we know can happen.

So let’s, you know, put that in there. How do I, you know, write me a thank you letter to the customer who has just complained about how bad their mattress. So there’s, there’s lots of things that writing that we’re going to need it for. And as this goes on, and you said Microsoft has just put a lot of money behind it, they were already a big player in it and they’ve committed another 10 billion to it.

They’re not going to keep it away, you know, behind the gate. They’re gonna put it out there on Bing, on the Microsoft products that we all need and want to use. So, you know, this is, this is all leading down a path. Like I said, we’re in the middle of an arms race here. Let’s figure out how we can leverage that arms race to our benefit as business owners.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, good point. Adrian, how about you? How do you see people using it in the category?

Adrienne Woods: Ooh, I, I don’t know that I, so I was gonna go to the blog post. I didn’t know that that’s where she was gonna go, but that was gonna be my, my piece to that. I mean, go back to social media, right? Cuz that’s why we have Julia on here.

If you don’t know anything about social media, it sounds like that could be a very useful tool for you. Write me a caption for this. I mean, assuming this, can you upload an image and say, write me a caption for this image, and if not, I’m sure it will get there. You know, write me the, the caption to appeal to this type of an audience.

Write me a caption to, you know, meet this specific need. And I think people will. And then once you start adding your hashtags and everything else, you’re gonna get really specific and speak the language of people that need to hear it would be my

Julia Rosien: guess. Write me an ad for a President’s Day mattress sale.

Mm, there you go. Right. You know, it’s, it’s simple. The things that we need writing for that we could use it for.

Mark Quinn: Absolutely. Yeah. You know, you guys, I’ve heard people liken this too, and, and gosh, after Infr, like if you’re listening to the show and you haven’t, like, I was at a cocktail party recently and I just kind of for fun, ask people, Hey, have you heard of this thing?

And I, it’s shocking to me. I don’t know what your experience is, how many people don’t know? What it is yet. Right. And then, and then you, you think about that and then you go, there’s other people that are saying that this is literally, um, just as big of an innovation as Google was or the iPhone. Hmm. Like, just

Adrienne Woods: pondering, think about how life changing those are.

That’s just, that just blows my mind. That’s

Julia Rosien: exactly

Mark Quinn: right. Exactly right. Adrian. And then you think about how life-changing they are. So Julia, if you think about. Like life changing or culture changing perhaps, right? So if you’re out there and you’re like, oh my God, you know, my job is gone, uh, AI is gonna take over the world.

What do you think, Julie, in terms of like jobs that may be in jeopardy because of this kind of technology? .

Julia Rosien: Well, there’s always two sides to every argument. So there are jobs that are gonna be in jeopardy. Of course, there’s no doubt about it. As with any kind of automation or innovation, there’s always jobs that are in jeopardy, but there’s also jobs that become much more efficient during this kind of innovation.

So writers, for example, they think, oh, maybe my, my job is going to go away. Just like when social media came on. Where is true journal? Anymore. If anything, it helped journalists become more human, more real, because it connected them to the people that were actually watching them. So is it going to change jobs?

It is, and people are going to have to change along with it. I, I can’t see far enough ahead to see what kinds of jobs it’s going to get rid of, where it’s going to go. But it, you know, I think that’s, I think that’s where we have to be a little more open-minded and say, instead of saying, I, this is wrong.

We shouldn’t allow, that’s really not the question. You’re not answering the right question. It’s here, how are we going to deal with it? How are we going to learn from it? How are we going to use it to make our lives better? Instead of implementing the fact that somebody invented this horrible thing and now we have to deal with that.

Well, and

Adrienne Woods: just to touch on the social media piece, think about how many jobs that then created. We now have social media directors and managers and people that create content. And I mean, now you, I mean, it opened up a whole new world. When it came with it. So it’s not like, I mean, yeah, maybe it took away some marketing jobs, but it opened up a slew of others as well, and I assume that will as well.

I feel like we could talk about this for another 20 minutes, so we may have to have you back on the show just

Julia Rosien: to talk about it again, , it’s very exciting. If you, you think about even all the jobs and whatnot. . Google, for example, their search business alone is 150 billion business. And if you think that this isn’t going to impact that business, it is, it’s gonna change.

My prediction for 2023 is that if we talk again in December, the world of search is going to change. Dramatically throughout this year because of this kind of innovation. So we as, as leaders in our industry, we have to help our retailers get up to speed and, and level set, because I don’t wanna see any of them left behind because of this.

Adrienne Woods: , we’re booking you for December, 2023, and we’re gonna talk about this. That’s what we’re gonna do. I’m already writing it down.

Mark Quinn: All right. That’s right. Um, if you’re listening to this, I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by it because a lot of times technology comes along and you’re like, oh my gosh, something else to learn.

But guys, go, go visit chat g p t and check it out and, and play around with it. I think you’ll find it incredibly easy to interface with and to use. So don’t go there. We’ll keep our, uh, eyes and ears open and we’ll come back to you guys as new things come out about chat. G p T. Um, humans are teaching it all the time as everyone uses it.

It’s uses it, it’s going to learn, so it’s going to evolve. And Adrian, I really like what you said is, Okay, so fine. At the beginning everyone’s like, oh my gosh, how these jobs are gonna be. , but it will create jobs, it will create an entire industry potentially. And I just read something that said chat, G P T hasn’t even figured out how to monetize the platform yet, or they haven’t like, you know, um, actually implemented that strategy or plan.

So Julia, that number from Google is so massive. I can’t even imagine. Uh, what chat g p t is gonna be worth. Like right after they launched it was worth 29 billion. So go figure. But Alright, Adrian, wrap us up here. I know we have a trivia question. Julia, are you ready with your answer?


Adrienne Woods: ready. All right.

She usually gets it right. Quinn? No pressure, but Okay. , what percent of businesses said in the last 12 months? So this was, it came out, looks like, okay. October of 21. So it’s been about a year and a half at this point, but what percent of businesses said in the last 12 months that a video on social media resulted in a new client?

58%, 64%, 79%, or 84%

Julia Rosien: Ms. Rossine, cause we were talking earlier. Yeah. I’m gonna skew, uh, I’m gonna go, I’m go, gonna go higher. I’m gonna say 79%. Okay. But there’s really small numbers between them. So,

Mark Quinn: you know, I was, know I was gonna do that, but I want Julia to be on her own and Right. So I will go above it. I will go above it and there’s a good chance you two schemed before I ever got on this call and she already knows.

Am I wrong? Is that

Julia Rosien: happening? She . She does not

Adrienne Woods: cheat like Kinsley does. Kinsley would like look at the answer and be like, well, I already know what it is. So. Alright, so yours is gonna be,

Mark Quinn: I have to, yeah, I was gonna, I was gonna Google search it as Julia was talking and I thought that would be not in the spirit of good.

Like, plus it’s Julia, I can’t do that to Julia. All right, Adrian, head us up. What’s the,

Adrienne Woods: It’s actually 64% of businesses say that a video. So it’s lower than you would’ve thought. Um, now that may have changed. Like I said, this was October of 21 when this report came out. But I mean, I think it can only trend up from here.

Um, in fact, we posted an article, I think it was last week, the FAM show, talking about the power of digital images and short form versus long form video. So I think the trend will only continue to go up. Quinn, the way that we like to end this show is we are gonna have you fill in the. So I’m gonna tell, I’m gonna say a sentence and you have to fill it in, and that’s how we end out the show.

Okay? So be sure to tune in next week to the fan marketing show and never miss an idea that could make you a

Mark Quinn: Cajillion trillion billionaire. I’m done.

Julia Rosien: Excellent. I’m telling

Adrienne Woods: you, it’s a lot harder. Kingsley always makes me a cha billionaire. He always makes me do it and I’m like, you have no idea how in the hot seat, how your mind just goes blank.

Never miss an idea. That can make you a cha billionaire. We will see you next week on the fan Marketing Show.

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