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Mattress Firm Introduces Sleep Tracking App 

Mattress Firm has launched the mobile app with sleep science and improvement company SleepScore Labs. The new tech features a sleep tracker and unlocks personalized insights, recommendations, content, and more.

The app provides sleep tracking that measures breathing rate and body movement without requiring a wearable device. It includes features such as a Smart Alarm, Snore Quiz, Sleep Goals, and several other tools designed to help users monitor, understand and improve their sleep habits. 

Users can also consult with a certified sleep coach to build a personalized sleep improvement plan and a more meaningful relationship with rest. The app’s Sleep Library gives users access to‘s wellness tips and sleep-related articles designed to guide them on their journey to getting quality rest and living a healthier life, both mentally and physically. 

“We intend to create an open platform, starting with the app, to give consumers an opportunity to connect to an entire ecosystem of best-in-class sleep technology and sleep improvement services,” says John Eck, president and CEO of Mattress Firm. “We invite all innovators to join the connected ecosystem and help improve America’s health through better sleep.”

With a app Premium account, consumers get the added benefits of features such as, Personalized Sleep Improvement Plan, Lifetime Sleep History and CheckUp, a sleep screener that identifies concerning sleep patterns, and a Sleep Report that can be shared with healthcare providers.

“In preparing for the launch of the app, Mattress Firm drove a worldwide search for science-backed technology which not only provides the most accurate, contact-free sleep measurement, but goes way beyond tracking and provides personalized advice and services to actually improve sleep. At SleepScore Labs, we are delighted to share and deliver on our partnership by improving the lives of millions of people through better sleep.” says Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs.

The app is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

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